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Is Disruptive the right partner to manage my Twitter Advertising?

We focus on a goal-driven Twitter advertising strategy that aims to boost traffic to your site in an exponential way that makes your marketing budget worthwhile. We are a PPC marketing agency that you can count on.

While ROAS & LTV are cute, we work to provide hard data to back up our success to each of our clients. If the work we do isn’t driving a meaningful impact towards your most important business goals and marketing results, then we aren’t doing it right. Our primary focus is to make sure your business is thriving and meeting its goals.

If we’re the right partner for your company, we’ll take you where the most leaned-in and influential people are already gathered. Twitter is one of the internet’s most engaged communities and you need a premier PPC marketing agency to get the job done.

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When we connect brands with what’s happening on Twitter, they see lifts across the funnel

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    Message Association
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    Brand Awareness
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    Brand Preference
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    Purchase Intent

One of the driving forces behind such high returns and funnel improvements is due to the way people are engaging on Twitter. From discovery to final purchase, users are interacting with brands in a highly motivated way.

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Our Twitter Ads Methodology

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Are you getting your share of the Twitter pie?

63% of social media marketers identify Twitter as the platform that yielded the highest ROI.

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    When we take over your Twitter advertising, we ensure certain aspects of your account are implemented to refine and grow your presence on Twitter.

    We understand that accounts often change hands a few times. Because of this, we often see snags and oversights within the account that can stall your Twitter campaigns. We don’t want anything to slow you down.

    We double-check that everything in the account is up to our high standards and make these tweaks that make all the difference.


    Use Website Cards

    Drive more organic clicks than a simple URL within a Tweet


    Create Lists

    Custom timelines with Tweets from accounts you wish to include


    Target Creatively

    Broaden your targeting strategy by expanding your reach


    Incorporate Rich Media

    Images, GIFs, or short videos drive higher engagement rates