AdWords Account Suspensions

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AdWords Account Suspensions

AdWords suspension can cripple businesses and it can be easy to do by mistake. Just check the internet and you’ll find countless horror stories of advertisers who unwittingly violated Google’s policies and were suspended.

To make matters worse, Google doesn’t stop with suspending the offending account—they also blacklist the advertiser and their website, making it impossible to create new ads or campaigns!

Although getting suspended from Google AdWords is easy, convincing Google to reinstate your account can be a nightmare.

Fortunately, we have the skills, knowledge and connections to get your accounts back on track and advertising again.

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How We Fix Suspensions

We use a direct, problem-based approach to get accounts reinstated. There are 3 steps to this approach.

pin-iconIdentify the Problem

At Disruptive, we work with a lot of pay-per-click clients in a wide range of industries. Since our clients make Google a lot of money, we have a dedicated Google support team.

For our suspended clients, we use that support team to find out exactly why accounts have been suspended in clear, straightforward terms.

Without an “in” with Google, these specific details can be very hard to figure out. For us, however, identifying the problem is usually a fairly straightforward and speedy process.

org-iconMake Corrections

Once we know why an account was suspended, we can then change keywords, ads, website content or any other offending element to bring the account back into compliance with Google policy.

google-iconGet Back on Google

Once we’ve made the appropriate changes, we submit the account to Google for review. Sometimes there will be a bit of back and forth until Google is completely satisfied with the account. With your account back up and running, we will ensure that Google’s policies are adhered to moving forward so you avoid any continued issues with non-compliance.

Not Just Your Average Paid Search Agency

As good as we are at getting accounts back on AdWords, there are a few situations where Google simply will not reinstate an account.

  1. If Google doesn’t accept your business model (affiliate programs, “get rich quick” sites, etc)
  2. If you or your business have threatened Google with a lawsuit
  3. If you or your business owes Google money and refuses to pay it

If your account doesn’t fall into one of these categories, contact us today to get back on AdWords!

Why Use Disruptive Advertising?

Trying to work with Google as an individual advertiser can be frustrating and unproductive.

At Disruptive, we combine our in-depth understanding of AdWords policy and close relationships with Google reps to get accounts back on AdWords quickly and permanently (barring further violations, of course).

And, in almost every case, you get to keep your existing AdWords account and website.

The net result? You get to start making money again!

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