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Worry About Patients, Not Marketing

At Disruptive Advertising, we get it. Your passion is patient care, not PPC campaigns. But, to do what you do best, you need to get patients in the door.

That’s where we come in.

Disruptive has been helping dentists grow their practices for years. We know what it takes to get your business in front of the patients who need your services and
convince them to reach out.

On average, our clients see the following results:*

  • 20+ tracked and recorded phone calls per month
  • $57 average cost per lead (i.e. phone call, form fill, etc)
  • 1.5%+ average click through rate

As a result, our clients no longer have to worry about acquiring new business. Instead, they can focus on what they really care about – delivering fabulous dental care to their patients.

*With a minimum Google ad spend budget of $1500

“Disruptive Advertising is top notch. They practice what they preach and follow through with amazing results! Hands down, they are the BEST advertising company I have worked with. Stop wasting $ with the others and put your trust in Disruptive!”

Erik Oyangen | Marketing Coordinator, Advanced Aesthetics Dentistry

How We Do It

After helping so many dental clients drive online business, we’ve developed an approach to marketing dental practices that delivers consistent results.

In a nutshell, we combine paid search marketing, local listings, high quality tracking and campaign optimization to produce fantastic results.

1. Paid Search Marketing

These days, if someone needs a dentist, they don’t pull out the phone book…they pull out their phone.

Anyone in your area who searches online for “dentists near me”, “local dentists,” etc should see your name pop up. And, the best way to make sure that happens is with paid search marketing.

You need to be the first name they see, the first number they call and – with the right paid search campaigns – we make sure that happens.

2. Local Listings

Google tracks where people are in order to show relevant local results when someone types in a location-based search like “dentists near me.”

These sorts of searches don’t just trigger paid search ads, though. They also trigger Google’s local listings.

To make sure you get the most out of each search, we help you set up your local listings on Google. That way, if someone is searching for dental help in their area, they’ll see your practice.

3. Tracking and Optimization

At Disruptive, we believe in 100% transparency. We’re not afraid to lay the numbers out exactly as they are. After all, you need to know precisely how much money we are driving for you!

In addition, we hold monthly calls with our clients to review their business KPIs and discuss how your campaigns are progressing – right down to how much you’re spending, what keywords are driving you leads and how much money you’re making from your campaigns.

We even give you access to your own personal dashboard to check in at any point on how your account is running. Plus, you can listen to all your call recordings to see how your staff is doing with your leads.

The Sky’s the Limit

We’ve produced game changing results for clients in every stage of growth, from recently graduated dentists with little more than an office and a dream to dental practice groups with huge budgets.

So, What could you do with dozens-to-hundreds of new leads each month? Let’s find out!

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