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Here’s What We Did For the
Children’s Reading Foundation

When we started working with The Children’s Reading Foundation, they already had a Google Grant but they weren’t using it effectively. They had no conversion tracking and were just bidding $2 on every keyword. They were wasting their free money!

We fixed this by implementing quality conversion tracking and using that data to make custom keyword bids.

We increased their budget efficiency by 88%, their clickthrough rate by 255% and were able to improve their ability to spread awareness about their cause by 300%!

“Disruptive continues to go above and beyond in support of our digital campaign. Their communication is stellar and the suggestions they make are intelligent and well executed. We could not be more pleased!”

Salem Snowdy | Outreach and Development Director, The Children’s Reading Foundation

How We Do It

After helping so many nonprofits function better online, we’ve developed an approach to marketing nonprofits that delivers consistent results.

In a nutshell, we help nonprofits get and maintain a Google Grant. Then, we combine paid search marketing on AdWords with better web and landing page design. We do this while use high-quality tracking and campaign optimization to produce fantastic results.

In addition to these services, we also offer scrappy Facebook advertising to help nonprofits get the most bang for their buck.

You need more money.
We’ll help you get it.

Most 501(c)(3) Nonprofits are eligible for a Google Ad Grant

You know how nonprofits have very little budget to work with?
What we do is help nonprofits qualify for 10k in ad spend every month through a Google Grant.

This money can be used to build awareness, recruit volunteers, and even increase donations.

Read more about it in this blog post:

Nonprofits Play By Different Rules

We know those rules like the back of our collective hands

You’ve probably noticed that running an AdWords campaign for a nonprofit is different.

We understand. We’ll help you effectively structure paid search campaigns for nonprofits to give you the best results possible.

Want more details? Read here:

Your Cause

We can help people take action

You know how people occasionally visit your site but leave before doing anything to support your cause?

You need a website that inspires people to action.

At Disruptive, we help non-profits put their cause in a light that helps people know exactly what they should do next.

Read more about it here:

Nonprofits are a special case when it comes to online advertising. We’ve made a guide to help it make more sense.

Download our free guide to get more insights on how to run online marketing for nonprofits.

See the Results We Got For Score.org

Simply changing design can work wonders for how many people actually become engaged with your cause.

Even though something might look good, testing always trumps gut instinct.

Through detailed testing, we helped Score.org increase traffic to their local chapter page by nearly 83%!

Read the whole story here:

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