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Disruptive and Google… we go way back.

For years we have worked hard to deepen and strengthen our relationship with our most strategic partner. Google has awarded Disruptive with their Premier Partner status because we have proven we can help our clients use Google products to their maximum potential.

Disruptive has access to unique training opportunities and exclusive dedicated support. We have been leveraging this for years to build an internal team of true experts in Google Shopping & Feed Management. Our agency was recently honored as a finalist for the Google Partner Innovation Award.

Because of our creative excellence and high level of innovation, we have developed unique methods to unlock the full potential of Google’s advertising tools. These are just a few of the reasons that Disruptive is trusted by some of the top ecommerce brands in the world.

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A Disruptive approach to shopping and feeds

Results are especially important to us at Disruptive when it comes to where we focus our efforts in Google Shopping and Feed Management. While results vary for each partner, we are proud to say that we consistently crush expectations by driving significant revenue growth at a more profitable return.

Clients that transition from a traditional Google Shopping approach to the Disruptive approach see an average lift of 34% increase in revenue and profitability metrics.

Similarly, clients that engage with Disruptive for Feed Management see an average additional 25% increase in the same metrics by improving both relevance and quality of the data in your product feed.

Disruptive’s innovative approach often leads to Google Shopping becoming the #1 source of revenue and new customers for the business within the first few months of partnering with us.

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Our Google Shopping & Feed Management Methodology

Our approach to increase your Google Shopping revenue while also improving ROAS. Disruptive has developed a four-step process to drive results for our partners using Google Shopping and Feed Management.

  • Data-driven Decisions

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    Leverage the right level of automation and machine learning for each client

    This will be different for every client and we will weigh the pros and cons together. Every partner we work with benefits from at least some automation to keep product data up-to-date and to place the right bid in every conceivable situation for every product on Google Shopping. We will make data-driven decisions about when and how to use these tools to our advantage.

  • Test

  • Analyze

  • Optimize

Disruptive views Google Shopping and Feed Management as two separate products that are interdependent.

Google Shopping performance tells us where to focus our efforts on Feed Management and Feed management enables our Google Shopping campaigns to perform at their highest potential.

We like to think of Feed Management as the lifeblood of an ecommerce company. Feed management gives life to Google Shopping and without a healthy product feed there can be no healthy Shopping campaigns.

Disruptive has gone against the grain for years when it comes to Google Shopping & Feed Management

There are currently two major schools of thought in the industry on how to approach this complex beast.

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Completely automated

The dominant position in the industry is to automate everything and remove the human element from both Google Shopping and Feed Management. These marketers want to save themselves as much time as possible and accept the fact that they are leaving money on the table.

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Completely manual

The other position is to the other extreme where they reject some of the newest campaign types and bidding strategies that leverage machine learning and manage these complex campaigns manually in order to maintain 100% control over every product.

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At Disruptive, we have enough experience to know that a hybrid approach works best

Disruptive does not see this dilemma in black and white as many of our peers do. We take on a hybrid approach in which we accept the innovation and data available to us by using some of the most advanced technologies Google has to offer.

However, we know where the human touch, intuition, creativity, and gut-feeling have their place in both Google Shopping and Feed Management. This is what gives us the advantage over all our competitors and allows us to elevate our clients to new heights.

If you feel like you should be getting more out of your Google Shopping campaigns, you’re probably right.

With the right tweaks, you should be able to increase your Google Shopping revenue and get the results you deserve.

Disruptive pushes the limits of what your eCommerce company can achieve with Google Shopping and Feed Management.

Let’s do this

We’ll let you know if Google Shopping and Feed Management will help you reach your business goals.

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