Are you missing out on 30% of available online search traffic?

If you aren’t using Microsoft ads, that’s exactly what’s happening.

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Is Disruptive the right partner to manage my Microsoft Ads?

Maybe you are already advertising on Microsoft ads and tapping into that additional online search traffic… so why partner with Disruptive?

You need to ask yourself: am I truly using Microsoft ads to its full potential to give my online marketing strategy the full support of my business goals? Or am I mimicking my already successful Google Ads strategy on Microsoft ads?

Using what is already working isn’t a bad place to start, but there is so much more you can leverage from the platform than to simply replicate what is already working elsewhere.

Here at Disruptive we want to make sure you are taking full advantage of the unique features, tools, and audiences that Microsoft Ads has to offer. Doing this can help take your business to the next level.

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Why Microsoft Ads?

Formerly Bing Ads

When thinking of online searches, “Google it” has become a well-known phrase, but who often hears “Bing it”?

While Google represents about 70–80% of onlines searches Bing and Yahoo make up the other 20–30%. That is a lot to be left on the table for your marketing if you aren’t already advertising with Microsoft Ads.

There are over 1 billion devices that are running on Windows 10, and wouldn’t you know, most of these devices are driving search traffic to

Beyond the additional searchers you can reach on this platform, you can potentially do it for less than Google Ads.

We generally see less competition in Microsoft Ads than Google Ads. Wordstream found that Microsoft ads average CPC is 33% lower than what is seen on Google Ads.

This can mean you could get searches on some of your core keywords for less. So don’t underestimate the impact and importance of Microsoft Ads can have on your online marketing strategy.

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Cortana, Microsoft's Intelligent assistant, has been asked over 18 billion questions since launch.

Our Microsoft Ads Methodology

We’ve spent years working hands-on with accounts, analyzing search trends, and we know how to avoid the money-sucking problems that ruin most campaigns. As a result, our efforts have redefined Microsoft Ads success for hundreds of companies.

At Disruptive, we’ve developed a winning combination of strategic best practices, analytical thinking, and creative problem solving to help hundreds of businesses grow.

As a premier Microsoft Advertising Partner, we know how to create smart connections for the highest business impact. We understand the carefully vetted Microsoft Advertising Partner Network and how to navigate the landscape.

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Microsoft Search Network

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Microsoft Search Network Audiences

  • 127 Million

    Unique desktop searchers

  • 11 Billion

    Monthly searches in 37 markets

  • 6.4 Billion

    Monthly desktop searches

  • 47.7 Million

    Desktop searchers not reached on Google

  • pie chart of us shares

    36.9% Share

    of U.S. desktop search market

Using a duplicated strategy on Microsoft Ads isn’t enough.

It’s time to take advantage of the full potential of what this platform has to offer.

Google search traffic is very different from Bing or Yahoo traffic, so you can’t just export your Google paid search campaigns to a different platform. Sometimes, keywords and ads that perform poorly in Google are more effective in Bing or Yahoo or vice versa.

For this reason, it’s important to understand the differences between the search engines and set up custom tracking and analytics for each platform.

We understand Microsoft Ads and all it has to offer and pair that with your business goals and marketing strategies to reach your unique customers. The unique audiences that you can reach on this platform can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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Did you know there’s a great audience of white-collar workers who search on

Formerly Bing Ads

Perhaps the product or service you offer is more specific B2B audience? With Microsoft ads you can further segment some of the audiences to reach even more specific verticals. 80% of the U.S. searchers in Microsoft ad’s B2B vertical are the decision makers in the business.

Are you ready to advertise your service or product to that audience?

Are you taking full advantage of all Microsoft Ads has to offer?

Leveraging the team members from Disruptive will help you unlock the full potential of Microsoft Ads.

We partner with our clients to understand the why behind your business, the goals you aspire to and the impact this will have on your customers and business; we translate this into a unique and authentic marketing strategy specific to each platform, like Microsoft ads.

We help our clients unlock the full potential of Microsoft ads and the unique features and benefits that it has to offer.

Let’s do this

We’ll let you know if Microsoft Ads will help you reach your business goals.

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