by Johnathan Dane October 28, 2013

New AdWords Shopping Campaigns, Now More Transparent

Your Google shopping experience just got that much more exciting (image source)

Product listing ads (PLA) have always been a pain in the yoohoo. You had to link your Google Merchant Center account with your AdWords account and then spend a good amount of time in Excel to improve your product feed.

Well, things just got better for eCommerce advertisers. Recently, Google announced the new and improved shopping campaigns. With these new campaigns, online retailers will have easier access to improve their campaigns performance while also setting new custom labels that allow you to tag the products that you have highest margins on.

With that, the new shopping campaigns allow advertisers to easily manipulate and manage key metrics within AdWords, without having to step into Excel.

Here’s a quick video from Google explaining the new shopping campaigns and its features:

5 key benefits of the new shopping campaigns include:

  1. Change inventory directly within AdWords.
  2. Group products and separate them out with your own bids.
  3. Track progress of each product within AdWords and modify bids accordingly.
  4. Break down individual products to check performance, add labels, and improve your ROI.
  5. Bid simulators and competitive data to see how competitors are doing.

Here are some screenshots from Google showcasing the shopping campaign interface within AdWords:

shopping-campaigns-1 shop2

AdWords shopping campaigns are not available to all advertisers yet. If you don’t have access within your AdWords account, then you can request early access through Google by following this link.

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