Why You Should Use The Keyword Opportunities Tool


Brandt Whiting

September 24, 2014

New keyword opportunities are just within reach!

Keyword research is something we all have to do within the world of Google AdWords.

This can sometimes be very time consuming, dull, tedious (and whatever other sluggish word you can think of), sorta like when you’re looking for that song on YouTube, but all you find are live versions of it…

Easy Ron Swanson. We have solutions for you.

Easy Ron Swanson. We have solutions for you.

This can certainly be an overwhelming feeling. But just remember, there are always tools to make life’s duties much easier.

So why not make your life a whole lot easier when doing keyword research by using the Keyword Opportunities Tool within AdWords Editor?

If you didn’t already know, AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable application for managing AdWords accounts efficiently and helps get things done much faster (you can get it here).

I’m going to give you three solid reasons why this tool will not only make things easier, but you’ll save a ton of time as well.

To get to what we’re talking about, open up your AdWords Editor and click on the Keywords tab, then on the Keyword Opportunities button.

keyword opportunities tool

#1 – Keyword Expansion

Here you can find new keywords ideas based off specific terms or phrases.

keyword expansion

Type in your keyword ideas to get more ideas.

Once you enter your term, you’ll also get estimated search volume and the competition that comes with each keyword.

Try plugging in “cheap tires” as your keyword. Instantly you’ll be connected to over a thousand different keyword variations using the term, “cheap tires” like, “cheap motorcycle tires” or “cheap used tires.” and more.

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Now you know what terms would be beneficial for your specific business. But let’s not stop there.

You can also get ideas for negative keywords from this list. You can then add them to your campaigns so your ads wont show to those who are searching for those terms.

#2 – Keyword Multiplier

Now, say you have an auto shop and you want to search for different variations of keyword terms. Don’t go anywhere. This keyword opportunities tool feature is for you!

keyword multiplier

Get more keyword ideas with the multiplier!

For example, in the first box you’ll plug in say, adjectives such as, “discount” or “cheap.” Then in the second box you could list your product or service such as, “muffler” or “exhaust.” There is also a third box (optional) you can use if you want to get more long tail.

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Now you have your list of keywords. Go ahead and Click, ‘Get Keywords’ and boom! Did a rocket just go off?

Okay, maybe it’s not quite that exciting, but you now have every possible combination of those terms. How much simpler is your life now? Open up that box of stress, and release it. 

keyword multiplier effect

Release the dov.. the tiny dog!

#3 – Search-Based Keywords

This awesome feature using Google search properties will generate a list of relevant search queries that have occurred the past year.

search based keywords

Got a website? Get some keywords!

It’s actually super simple. AdWords Editor finds new keyword opportunities for you based off your site.

You’ll be given a list of categories of your website which you can then click on to get keywords.

Find something you like? It’s as easy as clicking on and dragging the selected keyword(s) to the appropriate ad group (don’t forget to change the match type if necessary).

The best part about this is the suggested keywords will not overlap with any of your current keywords within your campaign. Google automatically scans your account looking for duplicates.

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I’ve certainly become more efficient handling my time when building out campaigns for my clients. Try it for yourself, especially if you are new to AdWords!

It's time to get places!

It’s time to get places!

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