Corbin Moffitt

Corbin Moffitt

Senior Graphic Designer

Get to know Corbin

Corbin can be described as creative and artistic. He looks forward to challenges that require him to reach outside of his comfort zone. He is conscious of the importance of humility and always looking for ways to improve both career-wise and personally. One of his strengths is his attention to the details of visual design. He always has the digital user in mind for each and every one of his designs and maintains creative strategic processes to convert users in to long lasting consumers and clients. He has been responsible for projects that have helped businesses reshape and refresh their brands and keeping their buyers engaged. The one thing that makes him the happiest is his wife and 1 year old boy. Whether it is spending a day at the beach or exploring new places, it doesn't matter where he is as long as he is surrounded by his family.

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Never forget that at one point in your life, you prayed earnestly to be where you are in life currently. Don't forget to give yourself credit for the progress you have made.

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