by Jenny Hatch October 31, 2014

6 Easy Tips To Become AdWords Certified

Oh the places you’ll go with your new AdWords cap!

So you decided to, are being forced to, or contemplating taking the necessary steps to become AdWords certified. Kudos to you. It’s not the easiest feat in the world.

adwords test

Neither was this 🙂

The internet is full of great study sources for the AdWords tests. Use them well, and passing the tests will become as easy as shooting a basket backwards while moonwalking is to that kid.

Some of the resources on the internet are free and some you have to pay for. I would recommend using a variety of the free resources because they really do have everything you need. But where to start? Here are 6 tips to help guide your study endeavors:

#1 – Be Familiar With AdWords

Nothing is going to help you more for your tests than experience. It’s kinda like studying the game of basketball without ever having touched a basketball yourself. It doesn’t work.

If you know your way around AdWords, you’ll have an easier time with the test. So what specifically should you know in AdWords?

  1. Tools Tab
  2. Opportunities Tab
  3. At what level you can do various things; ie, where you can change location settings or add negative keywords.
  4. Bulk Operations
  5. Display vs Search Campaigns
  6. Performance Metrics
  7. Developer Toolbox (only for the advanced exams)

One nice thing about the Google AdWords tests is that they all build on one another and have a few questions repeated on each test.

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#2 – Know How You Learn

Are you a visual learner? Try watching Google’s videos on their study guides. If you love to read, I would recommend reading the same study guide.

If you memorize well, try looking at a list of questions and memorizing them. If you are a hands on learner, you can find many practice tests to take. I would recommend cross learning with multiple methods to more fully understand the concepts.

#3 – Take Notes On Things You Learn

Take notes on things you learn and don’t throw the notes away. Notes will help you reinforce what you know, practice what you don’t know, help you on the test, and will be a beneficial study guide the next time you have to take the test in one or two years.

#4 – Know That Everything Changes

And that way you study will not be completely accurate unless it’s been created by Google in the last year. The AdWords interface us constantly changing and some questions have different answers from different sources.

Knowing this, go to many resources to study so you have the best idea of what is the correct answer. Follow your common sense and don’t run on treadmills with sandals.

adwords exam

The best part is the other guys’ lack of reaction

#5 – Take a Practice Test

Even if you are not a hands on learner and did not go with that option in tip 1, do it now.

Most of the questions on the practice tests are very similar to real test, and in some cases, identical to those found on real tests.

Just remember that there is a chance that the answers will not be completely accurate. Treat the practice test as a real timed test and it will give you a good idea of how you will do on the real test.

If the practice test goes well for you, go take the real test! If you want to study more, do some more studying before you take the test.

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#6 – Read the AdWords Blog

It’s where Google puts the latest AdWords news and tips. Not everything on the blog will show up on the test, but you will be in the loop with anything that might show up.

Good luck on the test! It really isn’t that hard to become AdWords certified. And don’t forget to celebrate after you pass! 

taking the adwords test

It’s okay to get excited. You just rocked that ish!

Help fellow test takers out! What tips do you have to become AdWords certified?

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Jenny Hatch

Jenny Hatch

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