by Cydney Hatch July 26, 2019

Why I Have Stayed at Disruptive So Long: 3 Employee Stories

In the marketing world, it is quite common for people to jump around careers but at Disruptive, we have numerous employees who have been with us since infantry. To us, job satisfaction and company culture are some of the core reasons that motivate our employees to stay and thrive.

There is a reason why many people use our internal hashtag #BestDamnJobIEverHad. It is not because this was the easiest job they had. It’s because their job is fulfilling and helps them create a life that is not only happy, but has purpose. The reasons great employees stay go beyond the obvious. There are deeper, emotional and relationship connections that create a bond that extend beyond paychecks.

Great employees stay because of what surrounds them, inspires them, challenges them, cares for them and appreciates them. Below read the stories of three of our long-standing employees and what drives them at Disruptive.

Why I Have Stayed at Disruptive So Long: 3 Employee Stories

Have you ever wondered what makes Disruptive, well, Disruptive? Read some of our longest standing employee’s stories on how Disruptive has not only changed their careers but their personal lives for the better:

Why Daryl Has Stayed With Disruptive

“There are seriously a hundred and fifty reasons I’ve stayed at Disruptive but there are a few I definitely feel have kept me here and happy.

“Personally, I work with phenomenal people who, just through their example, encourage me to be better. I am constantly tasked with new, challenging situations that force growth and progress—both for me as an individual and for us as an organization. I think that I have not only gained more clarity about what’s important to me in a career, but I’ve been able to be a part of building that here at Disruptive and that experience is invaluable.

“As an agency, I love that Disruptive knows how to say ‘no’. So many companies feel they need to kneel and pray to the ‘almighty dollar’. Here at Disruptive, we know that will always take care of itself when we live true to our core values, so ensuring we partner with companies where there is a mutual fit is first and foremost in our minds. Second, we take a lot of the guesswork and the superficial buzz out of marketing.

“When the right data is put in place, marketing comes down to doing a couple of simple things really well. Too many times our clients come to us after having had poor experiences working with an agency that sold them on AI-this, or proprietary-that. No amount of machine learning will compensate for a bad marketing strategy, or bad data.”

Why Allison Has Stayed With Disruptive

“I joined Disruptive when I was fresh out of college.

“Employees were in the single digits, and quite honestly, things were tough. We had to be scrappy and I had a lot of opportunities to grow in my career while we were also trying to establish processes and grow our revenue. But, through all the late nights and big mistakes, Disruptive was just as committed to my success as I was to Disruptive’s.

“Almost 6 years later, this agency is established and has really found its stride. I’m still here because after all this time, and even with 136 employees, this agency is still invested in the individual success, growth and happiness of its employees. I would be an idiot to not recognize that that is a rare and precious trait in a company.

Why Brandt Has Stayed With Disruptive

“I like being apart of an agency that has growth goals and actually achieves them. The leadership and direction the agency is going, has opened my eyes to the potential and actuals year-after-year on how and what we can achieve. I have never been a part of a company with so much success. It creates a very desirable feeling and inspires me to not just improve within my specific career roles/responsibilities, but to improve in all walks of life.

“Everything we do here is usually changing or evolving year after year. I’m continually being challenged and stretched to achieve my personal goals. We constantly look for opportunities to improve and grow. Always have the end goal in mind aligned with our core values, this drives a healthy lifestyle.”

Disruptive: A Place People Come to Grow

In short, great employees stay in work environments that help them feel they are contributing to growth and trust in the mission and investments that are being made. At Disruptive, our core company values are present in the actions, behaviors, and approaches of the employees we call family. From hiring practices, to how people work, to resolving differences of opinions to even navigating change, the culture defines the spirit we have created here at Disruptive.

So, if you are wondering why your great employees stay, take a hard look at how your culture develops emotional and relationship connections with its employees and how it’s inspiring those connections.

It’s not just about the money…

It’s not just about the perks…

It’s about what the company stands for and what it’s achieving together. 

If you are interested in working at Disruptive, please fill out this form here. We would love to have you a part of the incredible and rapidly evolving company that is centered on the people who make it successful in the first place.

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