by April Moody December 29, 2023

Sharing Joy: December Highlights in Charitable Giving

At Disruptive, we prioritize making a difference. Each month, our Caring Committee is given a generous budget to do some good in the world, and it has been amazing to see how our sphere of influence has grown.

We often challenge our employees to perform an act of kindness and they are always up for the challenge. December has been filled with meaningful opportunities to uplift others. It was inspiring to see employees sharing holiday cheer this month. Some chose to donate to charity while others left great tips. Many helped with Sub for Santa projects while some provided gifts and anonymous help to those in need. Thank you to all who participated in sharing a little extra joy this season. 

In addition to the holiday challenge, several of our employees were also involved in service opportunities. 

Jordan DeGraw put together 20 NICU survival gift bags for families who are in the Newborn Intensive care unit over the holidays. They included things like snacks, a drink tumbler, a Starbucks gift card, chargers, lotions, and other necessities and comfort items. Here is an excerpt from a letter written by Jordan’s parents that was included in the kits.

Dear NICU Parents, 

Just over 23 years ago we found ourselves in a situation similar to yours. Our twin boys were unexpectedly born 11 weeks early…Our boys grew up just fine and if you knew them now you would never suspect they started life so tiny and frail… You can do this! Your baby (or babies) are precious and will bring you great joy! Be patient, have hope, and celebrate every bit of progress they make. 


Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year

Crystal Clark arranged a donation for an organization in her school district that coordinates donations for families in need in her area. She was also able to raise an additional $500 to help increase her impact.

We donated funds to help a man who is paralyzed get a new handicap bike and also provided a family with a new crib, bedding, and baby clothes. 

It is so rewarding to serve others rather than only thinking of ourselves, which is the Disruptive difference.

Let’s keep the spirit of giving alive throughout the new year!

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April Moody

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