by Chad de Lisle November 3, 2023

“Spreading Love and Hope: Our Journey to Mexican Orphanages”

Success has its advantages, and one of the sweetest is the doors that it opens for us to be able to give back and serve others both in our local community and throughout the world. To those of us who work at Disruptive Advertising, serving others and making an impact is critical to realizing and living our potential and helping others to do the same.

This October, our team participated in two humanitarian aid trips to orphanages in Mexico by partnering with A Child’s Hope Foundation. Our groups were able to assist with the upkeep and expansion of their facilities as well as have fun with the wonderful children who live there. We served together, laughed together, and cried together—crafting beautiful memories that we will never forget.

This experience is best conveyed by our DA team members who participated. Here is what they had to say:

“Our service trips in Mexico were significant for me. I was inspired by the way every member of our team put their heart into this opportunity. We worked hard to help with the upkeep and expansion of the homes, and we loved having fun with the wonderful children who live there. I enjoyed seeing how we bonded as a team and made meaningful connections with the children. I will never forget the smiles on their faces as we joined them in craft projects, soccer games, dance parties, and piñatas. I will also always remember individual moments where children shared their hopes for their families and their future. I believe our eyes were opened to ways we can make an impact. And most of all, our hearts grew bigger as the wonderful directors and children in these homes impacted us. I will always treasure the memories that we created in Mexico together. I am proud to work for a company that prioritizes giving us opportunities to serve together in meaningful ways.”—April Moody, Happiness Coordinator

“While painting the border around a window, an unexpected delight came to my attention: a little boy, Mateo. He’d pop through the window, greeting me with a spirited “Hola,” only to vanish like a playful sprite. When his curiosity waned, I took a break from the hot sun.

I looked up to see him climbing on the cinderblocks. Panic surged through me, fearing for his safety, and I hurried to his side. However, to my surprise, he intended to get to the paint. I realize Mateo’s earlier visits were his way of reaching out, seeking connection, and a chance to help. I handed him a paintbrush, which he eagerly accepted. Convinced there wasn’t enough paint, Mateo dunked the brush with enthusiasm and began painting. I would then fix the drips with the roller so the paint job still looked great.

As Mateo’s excitement escalated, he wanted to use the roller. Cautiously, I handed it to him with a minimal amount of paint to prevent a colorful catastrophe. With little worry, he dipped it back into the paint, lifted the roller, now too heavy, sprayed paint everywhere, and continued painting. Amidst the joyful chaos, I realized that irrespective of the situation, children crave involvement and love. Eventually, when Mateo had to leave, he left me with a heartwarming lesson on the power of connection.”—Callie de los Reyes, Lifecycle Marketing Specialist

“We spent the mornings doing construction projects around the orphanage and the afternoons playing with the kids. Most of these kids were taken out of their homes due to abuse or neglect. Unlike the US, most of them will not see their parents again unless they choose to do so after they turn 18. I was amazed at these children’s resilience after going through so much. I was also heartbroken as several of these kids told me how much they missed their parents even when they came from such awful circumstances. I’m grateful to work for a company that values making the world a better place. I feel genuinely humbled after having interacted with these kids.”—Mandy Holman, Account Manager

“Being a part of this Humanitarian trip has filled me with so much gratitude and love. I am honored to work with such incredible and inspiring people. I am so happy I had the opportunity to share this experience with such an amazing team.”—Kaycie Jordan, Office Manager

“It was incredibly humbling to visit another country where they have significantly fewer accommodations than we do in the States. Yet, the children are happier than any others I’ve ever seen. It goes to show that perspective is what guides our emotions. Getting to help the orphanage and playing with the children was inspiring, and a more significant purpose was served.”—Joseph Jones, Senior SEO Specialist

“The humanitarian trip was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I came out feeling incredibly grateful. It’s easy to feel like life is hard or challenging, and the truth is, I don’t even face real problems. My problems aren’t real when considering what these amazing children and people have been through. Connecting with those children, even with a language barrier, proved to me that all that matters is love.”—Adam Kaiser, VP of Sales and Marketing

“The humanitarian trip was a profoundly impactful experience. It not only allowed me to actively contribute to a remarkable cause but also fostered a deeper connection with my Disruptive colleagues. The unique bond forged from serving together with coworkers for multiple days is truly unparalleled to what one typically experiences in the workplace. I will treasure this experience and the connections I’ve formed for years to come.”—Heidi Frye, CEO

We’re proud to have partnered with @childshopefoundation and are grateful to be in a position to have served in such a wonderful cause. To those powerful children: Thank you for sharing your courage and hope for the future. You inspire us! ❤️

If you or your organization is wondering how to help, please visit for more information. No matter how big or small, we all can make a difference! 

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Chad de Lisle

Chad de Lisle

Chad is a passionate people-lover who is always down for a silly-goose time. He's been doing digital marketing since 2007 (don't let the baby-face fool you) where he's excelled specifically in driving results and growth for lead generation organizations of all sizes. He's been winning Dungeons & Dragons since 1997, he's hit a grand slam in a state championship baseball game, and he won't stop hoarding books. When he's not busy running a successful division at Disruptive Advertising, you will find him in the mountains with his dog Rusty or swinging in his hammock with his 3 kids. Beware: guilty of contagious optimism!

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