10 Reasons Why You Should List Your Products on Amazon

by Brad Hunt April 1, 2022

The success of e-commerce has exploded in the last few years alone, with e-commerce sales reaching several trillion dollars in 2021. Quite simply, people love to shop online. It’s much easier and more efficient than shopping in person. Plus, the world is becoming more digital every day, with new technologies making the online shopping process more secure. If you’re not selling online, you’re missing out on big opportunities to increase your profits and connect with new buyers.

The question is, where should you sell your products online? By far, the best place is on Amazon. The e-commerce giant has unparalleled success compared to its competitors and is only expected to continue to grow in terms of sales revenue and its number of customers. The best news of all? Selling on Amazon isn’t a complex, headache-inducing task. Getting started takes only a few clicks and a very minimal budget. As you get more proficient, you can even take up Amazon marketing, which is simple to use and produces amazing results. 

If these motivations to get started aren’t enough, check out the top ten reasons you should start listing your products on Amazon now. 

1. Amazon Is the Most Popular U.S. Shopping App 

The Amazon app carries as much buying power as the site itself. 

In terms of e-commerce popularity, Amazon has everyone beat. There were 150.6 million users of the Amazon app in the U.S. in Sept 2019 alone. That’s just under half of the entire U.S. population. So what makes the Amazon app such a favored choice for users?

Firstly, the app is easy to navigate with many personalized product suggestions and features. For instance, there are tabs to buy products that users love again and product suggestions based on previous browsing sessions or purchases. There are also many “explore” features for users to look at items inspired by other products on their wish lists. These options reflect what Amazon does so well — understanding users’ interests perfectly to create the optimal, personally curated shopping experience.

With so many browsing options available, sellers can optimize how they list their products on both the Amazon app and website. Not only can you quickly create product listings, but you’re also able to monitor and analyze your sale performance, manage your inventory, respond to customer inquiries and reviews, and, best of all, research what to actually sell on the e-commerce site. 

2. Amazon’s Revenue Continues To Skyrocket

Amazon has the numbers and figures to back up its wild success. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Amazon’s revenue exceeded $125.6 billion. This number can be attributed to the large shift to e-commerce shopping during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even as the pandemic waned in 2021, Amazon continued to see massive upticks in sales, with the total revenue in the fourth quarter of 2021 hitting $137.4 billion

It’s clear that, though there’s a shift back to in-person shopping, people still love the option of purchasing online. What also makes e-commerce shops like Amazon stand out is the immediate access to customer feedback on products. This is something that isn’t easily found in person, though customers desire it. In fact, nine out of ten shoppers look up product reviews before making any purchase. Having these reviews on product pages can cut shoppers’ research time in half.

This is also great news for you as a product seller on Amazon. You’ll receive immediate feedback on your products that you can use to make improvements as needed. You can also use positive feedback as testimonials for your company, attracting even more buyers. 

3. People Trust Amazon More Than Any Other Ecommerce Site

Trust is vital in the buyer-seller relationship, especially in the age of personal information and data sharing. Eighty-nine percent of people trust Amazon more than any other e-commerce site, including eBay and Rakuten. The number is so high because Amazon delivers in two important ways: consistency and transparency. 

Shoppers know that they’ll always get the same experience when they buy from Amazon. They’ll have authentic products shipped and delivered quickly. Other sites are often hit-or-miss, with products arriving from other countries in weeks and not always as advertised, lacking transparency. Those other sites often come with the headache of having to communicate with sellers to resolve issues, which can drag the process out a few more weeks. 

Amazon, on the other hand, personally deals with all potential order issues. There’s no need for you to handle issues like a change in the delivery address or a requested refund. An Amazon customer service representative will handle the details, instilling trust in the company to handle problems every time. 

4. Many Shoppers Begin Their Product Searches at Amazon 

Over 50% of shoppers begin their product searches directly on Amazon. It used to be that people would head to Google to make product inquiries, but that’s no longer the case. People trust and use Amazon so much that they prefer to look for products right away on the site rather than do comparison research on any search engine.

As a product seller, this means you can focus on Amazon marketing rather than Google advertising. Amazon offers a large variety of ways to advertise. For example, you can create sponsored ads to advertise a specific product or your brand in general. If you want to get creative, you can craft your own audio or video ads. You can make completely customized ads by working with a designated Amazon team member to help promote your products and brand story. You can save plenty of time from having to handle the marketing research and efforts yourself if you choose the second option. 

5. Amazon Is Dominant With Ecommerce Market Share for Most Product Categories 

Electronics continue to make up a large portion of Amazon’s sales. 

Amazon doesn’t just dominate one product category — it dominates several. In fact, Amazon owns about 75% of the market share for the following categories:

  1. Electronics
  2. Health
  3. Personal Care
  4. Sports/Outdoors
  5. Toys/Games
  6. And several others, including home improvement products

Amazon’s strong place in selling entertainment products is most likely due to its past. The e-commerce site started as a bookseller in 1994 and initiated the global transition from the desire for physical entertainment like books to digital entertainment like Amazon’s Kindle. Undertaking this transformation solidified its place as an expert on all things digital, making it a trustworthy place to buy tech-oriented products. Over time, the site has become a place where users feel comfortable buying just about any type of product. 

6. Amazon Has Steadily Increased Its Market Share

Amazon’s market share and overall sales growth can best be described as steady year-over-year. There’s been no drastic downward turn, making the e-commerce site a safe and smart bet for all companies and individuals wanting to sell their products online. There’s also no sign that the company is slowing down. Amazon continues to plan many new initiatives, from launching satellites into space to refining its Amazon Go stores. Selling on Amazon doesn’t require an enormous amount of risk on your part. In fact, it’s one of the most strategic selling decisions you can make for your business. 

7. People Are Willing To Spend a Bit More on Amazon Than Other Sites

While Amazon charges fees for selling on their platform, the initial costs are well worth it. Shoppers are willing to spend more on Amazon for several reasons:

  • Amazon is trusted. As mentioned before, Amazon is a trusted shopping source. People know the chances of getting scammed or their credit card information being stolen are very slim, giving them more peace of mind in making more purchases.
  • Second to none return policy. Shoppers have up to 30 days to return a product and receive a refund. Even better, customers don’t have to go through a whole phone or chat session with a customer representative to get the return processed. They can do it directly on the site in a few minutes. 
  • Fast shipping. Perhaps more than anything else, people love Amazon for its lightning-fast shipping. Amazon Prime members can enjoy free two-day shipping on most items, though non-Prime members also get this option for an extra fee, with deliveries even occurring during the weekends. 
  • The customer experience. Amazon is geared toward the customer experience over the seller experience. After all, providing exceptional customer service leads to loyal shoppers who return again and again. 

When you factor in other incentives like time-sensitive sales and deals, it’s no wonder online shoppers come back repeatedly to the site. There will always be a large presence on the platform, leading to a customer base for your products. 

8. You Don’t Need Huge Ad Budgets To Get Started

While Amazon does offer some pretty incredible ad opportunities, you don’t need a huge ad budget to make impactful listings. In fact, the difference between successful and unsuccessful listings often comes down to one factor: high intent keywords. Specifically, high intent buyer keywords. After all, shoppers browsing on Amazon have one aim — to make a purchase. If you use the right keywords in the right places, you can often influence a shopper to go with your product above your competitors. 

As such, there are two important places to incorporate high intent keywords. 

Product Title

Your product listing’s title will be the first thing shoppers see, so it’s important to make a good impression. Ideally, your product title should be around 60 characters long and include:

  • Your brand name
  • Product type
  • Most relevant keyword
  • Key feature
  • Dimensions 
  • Color of product

Be sure not to keyword stuff, use subjective words (such as “best), or use a call-to-action (CTA) directly in the title. You want your title to have just enough information to grab a shopper’s attention. The details and CTA are reserved for the product description. 

Product Description

The copy in your product description will be what sells your product. Above all, your copy should be engaging and reflect your brand’s tone. Describe how your product will enrich the buyer’s life rather than focusing on your brand. 

It’s also good to break up your copy using bullet points that can lay out key features of your product including its contents, uses, and more detailed specifications. Moreover, keep sentences short and use italics or bold text to emphasize benefits. Your CTA should be at the very end of your product description with phrases like “order today” or “buy now” to create a sense of (positive) urgency.

Other keywords should be included in your product description as well. If you need help finding keywords for your product, look at competitors’ product listings and see if you can spot any reoccurring words or phrases. You can also use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to research what words are trending for your product or industry. 

9. Conversion Rates on Amazon Are Much Higher Than Most Other Websites 

The average conversion rate (CR) on Amazon sits at 9.87%, which is much higher than other big-name sites. For instance, the conversion rate for Google is 3.75% — quite a difference. There are great opportunities to increase profitability and conversions if running Amazon ads.

To keep those ad conversion rates up, make sure you are bidding on the right keywords for your Amazon ads, including brand and category keywords. To further help you out, Amazon Advertising allows you to monitor key advertising metrics such as your impressions, click-through rate (CTR), number of orders, and the total amount of sales. 

Following these metrics and incorporating what you learn into your ad campaigns will be a surefire way to keep increasing your CR. 

10. Listing Your Products on Amazon Can Give You the Opportunity to Push More Volume

Amazon is full of opportunities for you to increase your brand awareness, deepen customer relations, and boost your revenue. However, taking the task on yourself can be a little daunting, especially with a large number of possibilities for listing your products and marketing them on the site. Fortunately, Disruptive Advertising’s digital marketing experts are here to help. Contact us for a 100% free audit of your business and see what selling on Amazon could look like for you.

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Brad Hunt

Brad Hunt

Bradford has created and implemented marketing strategies for small start up businesses to large corporate enterprises. He currently serves as a Director of Amazon and works with our Marketing Consultants to come up with fun and innovative strategies that are designed to drive more revenue for our clients. When he’s not at his computer, you can usually find him fly fishing in the local Utah rivers during the Spring/Summer months, hunting with his buddies in the Fall and snowboarding during the Winter.

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