by Ana Gotter May 24, 2022

7 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Get More Leads

Real estate is a field unlike any other. 

You’ve got a unique buyer’s journey, and the path to purchase may become more difficult with complicated factors like the customer’s ability to qualify for lending or a tough marketplace even if they’re actively trying to buy or sell.

You’ve also got the fun perk that you won’t have an exceptional amount of repeat clients on a regular basis like most service-based businesses. Accountants prepare taxes at least once per year, with many clients returning; real estate agents may sell someone a house they stay in for ten, twenty, or fifty years. 

This means that real estate agents need to constantly have marketing channels that are consistently bringing in high-value leads at a fairly high volume. The industry moves fast, and your business needs to keep up. These seven real estate marketing ideas can help you do that. 

1. Collect Reviews on Google & Facebook

One of the first things you need to do right now if you haven’t already is to get reviews in two key places: Google My Business and your Facebook profile.

Google My Business (GMB) matters because it’s vital for local discoverability. When users search “central Florida real estate agent,” you want your name to come up with a lot of five star reviews. The reviews will actually help boost your ranking on the search list and build trust all at once. 

The same principles are true for Facebook, only here it’s important to note that someone may post asking for recommendations for a realtor and their friends might tag you in their comments. When they do, you want to stand out with a five star rating and plenty of great reviews. 

Reach out to existing and past clients, and ask that they post reviews on both Google and Facebook. Google is the most important out of the two, but Facebook carries a lot of weight, so even if they’re just willing to copy and paste it, that works— some users may only check one source and you want to make sure that they see they can trust you to get the job done. 

2. Hand Out Business Cards 

Think business cards are outdated? 

I connected with my realtor because a friend had saved some of her business cards and handed me one when I said I was thinking about buying a house. She’s gotten a sale from me, a sale from my husband, and we’ll absolutely work with her again if we ever decide to move. I’ve also kept her business cards in my purse and referred her to two friends who were buying (both of whom worked with her). 

And speaking from experience, you never know who you’ll meet out. I’ve gotten work at conferences, but I also met a client in line at the grocery store once. If I didn’t have a business card, it would have been unlikely he’d gotten in touch.

Your business card should have the following information:

  • Your name
  • The agency or brokerage you work with
  • Your phone number that will be a direct line to you
  • Your email address
  • A link to your direct website or profile, if possible (not just the agency itself) 

3. Create Strong, Engaging Content 

Content can make the world go ‘round, and I’ll argue with anyone who says otherwise. 

There are so many real estate marketing ideas when it comes to content, and so many platforms you can choose from. It’s just important to find what works for you and to stick with it.

Options include:

  • Funny videos on TikTok, which can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat that are relatable and, if possible, informative at the same time 
  • Short posts on social media talking about what’s happening in the market with CTAs like “Now is the time to sell; houses are closing in 3 days or less at an average of 20k over asking. Give me a call to see what’s possible for you.” 
  • Long-form content on a blog or through an email newsletter that talks about what’s happening with the market, what potential buyers or sellers can expect from the process, and more 

4. Use Lead Magnets to Draw Users In 

Lead magnets are any type of content that are used in an exchange for user information. They fill out your lead form, and you give them content.

When it comes to real estate marketing ideas, this is a solid one. You can create high-value resources that potential leads will need, meaning it gives you direct access to people who need both the resources and your services.

Examples include:

  • Checklists, like what to expect when leads buy a house, or what to do before selling a house (like getting the real estate agent in to assess current value and offer tips for improving the home value!)
  • Timetable infographics that showcase at what points before selling or buying users should take certain actions like getting pre-qualified or having photos taken 
  • Whitepapers that detail industry trends or tips to get the most value for your dollar; this might be particularly valuable for commercial real estate agents 

These resources should all be downloadable, and you’ll want to have an email autoresponder set up to send the lead magnet as soon as users convert. Make sure that email has your contact information, and you can follow up later that day to ask if they need help with anything. 

Keep in mind that you may want to create resources for each niche you’re working in, including resources for both buyers and sellers. 

5. Partner Up with a Mortgage Broker   

Referral marketing can be a powerful force for real estate. And while you can come up with plenty of great real estate marketing ideas to get existing and past clients to refer people your way, you should consider branching out and working with professional contacts, too.

Mortgage brokers and lending institutions are exceptional referral partners, and it’s a win-win for everyone. You send your clients their way if they don’t already have a lender, and people who reach out to them to start with qualification can refer their clients to you.

Reach out to mortgage brokers and other institutions in the area. Make sure you mention that you’ve got plenty of client testimonials if they’re interested, and that you have a high volume of clients who are often looking for lenders. 

6. Run PPC Ads 

Want to expand your reach at a lightning-fast rate? 

Pay-per-click ads might be a great option.

PPC ads allow you to pay per click or per 1,000 impressions (depending on the platform, ad objective, and ad bidding choices you select), giving you the option to pay to expand your reach effectively.

Search ads are something that every realtor should consider. Location-based keywords like “Denver realtor” or “Washington real estate agent” are going to be key, and you can also set up geographic limits to ensure that your ads are only seen by users who are in the area you serve.

You can also use campaigns that are focused on creating demand instead of generating demand with platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You run ads, select targeting criteria (which should include location!), and your ads will appear in users’ feeds as they browse. 

You could, for example, consider running an ad targeting users within a certain income level to show them homes they could purchase, and encouraging them to get in touch.

7. Create Profiles On Real Estate Sites

One of the most important real estate marketing ideas on this list is to create a zillow profile as an agent.

Some people won’t have friends who they ask for referrals, or won’t start with a mortgage broker. They’ll be on Zillow, Redfin, or, browsing to see what’s out there. And then they’ll realize they need an agent.

Most real estate sites have a “find a real estate section,” and Zillow and Realtor are the two primary sites that many users look through. Create a listing on the main sites used in your area (Zillow and are the most popular in most areas), and make sure that your profiles are complete. Have plenty of reviews, and stress any specialties that you have.

Some MLS and real estate sites also have their own native ad system that realtors can use to expand their reach in a place where potential buyers and sellers may be in the early or mid-stages of research. Take a look to see what options are available in your area; you may be able to promote your private profile in addition to properties that you’ve listed. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s important for real estate agents to have plenty of marketing ideas locked and loaded so that there’s always a new stream of incoming leads. This will make sure even during tough times in the market that you’ve got business (and paychecks!) coming in. 
Looking for new ways to boost the marketing for your real estate business, whether you’re an agent or a brokerage? Get in touch with us to learn more about how our top-rated PPC and marketing agency can help you get more leads today.

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