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AI is Disrupting the Market, Are You Using It?

For some, artificial intelligence (AI) conjures images of a Will Smith movie featuring semi-sentient beings taking over the world.

In reality, AI, although in its relative infancy, is also more widely and innocuously used than you might think. If you have interacted with a phone tree, a chatbot, or even pulled a report from your CRM, you’ve brushed with artificial intelligence. 

AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence is transforming the digital marketing space, offering businesses a wealth of opportunities to improve their marketing strategies and achieve better results. With the help of AI-powered tools, businesses can analyze data, automate processes, and generate high-quality content at scale, resulting in more effective and efficient marketing campaigns.

In this article, we’ll explore how AI is improving results in marketing, including its impact on social media and content writing.

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Improving Results with AI in Marketing

The benefits of AI in marketing are numerous, giving businesses the ability to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Artificial intelligence in marketing has already taken over bidding and strategizing in advertising. More and more, we are leaning on AI to learn for us. Our part is to know what we want to get out of our advertising–artificial intelligence programs then institute the right measures and track the right data. Using specific revenue-centric metrics, we can use AI tech to track the success of marketing campaigns, and make adjustments based on those metrics, which constitutes learning and adaptation.  

Artificial Intelligence Examples and Uses

AI tools of all kinds are being used in digital marketing because of their ability to learn and adapt along with collecting and analyzing data. The following are some examples of how AI is being put to use.

AI in Social Media Marketing

One of the most exciting ways that AI is being used in marketing is through social media. Social media platforms generate a vast amount of data, from likes and shares to comments and hashtags. By analyzing this data, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to create more effective social media campaigns.

AI-powered social media tools help businesses analyze data in real-time, identify patterns and trends, and create targeted campaigns that really resonate with their audiences. For example, AI can help businesses identify the best times to post on social media, the types of content that are most engaging for their target audience, and even the language and tone that will be most effective in their messaging.

AI in Content Writing

Creating quality content is essential for any marketing campaign, but it can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. AI-powered content writing tools use machine learning algorithms to generate written content based on specific parameters, such as topic, audience, and tone. These tools can create everything from blog posts and articles to social media posts and product descriptions.

AI-powered content writing tools can help businesses streamline the content creation process, including ideation, which saves time and money while ensuring that the content is high-quality and engaging. 

AI and ChatGPT

Well if you haven’t heard about it yet, we’re honored that you heard it from us first…

The AI program making the most waves right now is ChatGPT by OpenAI, and for good reason. As a large language model (LLM), it uses both supervised and reinforcement learning. OpenAI carries a free and a paid subscription ($20/monthly) version. Its capabilities are pretty extensive and dynamic.

We decided to put it to the test to see what kind of conversational answers we could get to some semi-complicated queries.

When, for instance, we asked ChatGPT, “How can I use AI for building a successful marketing strategy?” Its reply was:

“Using AI in your marketing strategy can be very beneficial as it allows for more personalized and targeted marketing efforts, as well as improved efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some ways you could incorporate AI into your marketing plan:

  1. Customer segmentation: AI can help you segment your customers into different groups based on their behavior, preferences, and demographics. This allows you to create targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with each group.
  2. Predictive analytics: AI can analyze customer data to predict future behavior and identify trends. This can help you anticipate customer needs and tailor your marketing messages accordingly.
  3. Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots can provide instant customer service and support, which can improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  4. Content creation: AI can help you create engaging and relevant content for your audience. It can analyze customer data to identify topics and themes that are most likely to resonate with your target audience.
  5. Ad targeting: AI can analyze customer data to identify patterns and target your ads more effectively. This can result in more efficient ad spend and higher conversion rates.

It’s important to note that while AI can be very helpful in marketing, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s important to understand your specific business needs and goals and choose the right AI tools and solutions that can help you achieve them.”

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Pretty impressive, right? Going a step further, we asked, “Which AI platforms are the best to use for marketing?” Here is what we got back:

“There are several AI platforms that can be useful for marketing, depending on your specific needs and goals. Here are some popular AI platforms that can help with marketing:

  1. Salesforce Einstein: This AI platform is designed specifically for marketers and helps with predictive lead scoring, personalized messaging, and more.
  2. IBM Watson: IBM Watson offers a suite of AI-powered tools that can help with everything from customer segmentation to social media analytics.
  3. Marketo: Marketo is a marketing automation platform that leverages AI to help with lead scoring, personalized email campaigns, and more.
  4. Adobe Marketing Cloud: Adobe Marketing Cloud uses AI to provide marketers with insights into customer behavior, real-time personalization, and more.
  5. Hootsuite Insights: Hootsuite Insights is an AI-powered social media analytics platform that can help you track and analyze social media conversations related to your brand.
  6. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a popular analytics tool that uses AI to provide insights into website traffic, user behavior, and more.

Ultimately, the best AI platform for marketing will depend on your specific needs and goals. It’s important to evaluate each platform carefully and choose one that aligns with your business objectives.”

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It didn’t even list itself as a competing AI platform which shows that it is disinterested and unbiased for this particular topic*–it gives pretty candid responses too! ChatGPT only draws on information up to about 2021, however, and is considered an “offline” tool as it doesn’t just pull information directly from the web.

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*NOTE: Recent news has been released about ChatGPT possibly being biased to some degrees when pertaining to certain, more influential, topics such as politics.

AI in Marketing: Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is another area where AI is making a big impact. With programmatic advertising, businesses can use AI to automate the process of buying and placing ads across a variety of channels, including social media, search engines, and display networks. This can help businesses save time and money while also improving the accuracy and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

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Anyone who isn’t using programmatic advertising isn’t doing advertising right! The possibilities of AI in marketing are endless, and businesses that embrace this technology will gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

AI is Changing Everything

It’s not just marketing that AI is changing, it’s quite literally everything we do on a daily basis that’s getting integrated with AI. Kids are writing essays fully written by AI. People are talking to AI bots like they’re actual people to socialize with.

Times are changing drastically and quickly. If you’re not using AI, you’re going to be stuck in the dark ages of the web.

Are you using AI today? Even if you aren’t, drop a comment below and let us know what you think about all of this commotion and the future of AI.

Need Help With Incorporating AI Into Your Strategy?

Need help incorporating AI into your marketing strategy? At Disruptive, we specialize in programmatic advertising and are well-versed in the latest AI marketing trends and technologies. We help our clients take advantage of AI to improve their marketing strategies and achieve their business goals.

With our expertise and experience, we have helped businesses of all sizes and industries succeed in the rapidly-evolving world of AI marketing. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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