2023 Disruptive Summit Recap

by Miranda Marsh April 6, 2023

Our 2023 Disruptive Summit was ✨OUT OF THIS WORLD!✨ 

Each year our People and Culture team plans a company-wide Summit where we fly all remote employees into our headquarters to build relationships, expand knowledge, and make memories.

Our Summit was jam-packed with goodness. We started the week off strong with our State of the Company meeting and collaboration time. It was exactly what we needed to kick off the week and head into our main event, DisruptiCon. This is where we had the opportunity to broaden our horizons, learn from some incredible leaders, and participate in a service project put together by our Caring Committee.

With 11 courses to choose from, our employees spent an entire day learning how to better themselves, further their professional knowledge, and lean into what truly gets them fired up. 

“We have a wealth of knowledge we rarely get to tap into. Learning straight from Quinn and other leaders was great. I loved the excitement it generated and the general unity it brought.” 

—Jacob Secrist

Check out these awesome topics!

  • Embody Your Brilliance: Quinn, our fearless CMO, showed us tricks and tools to set ourselves up for a “flow state” more consistently to get more done in less time, having way more fun along the way!
  • AI: Adapt or Die: Together, our creative team lead, Tiffany, and social media guru, Adriel, taught us how to explore cutting-edge AI solutions to develop marketing plans that leverage AI to craft personalized content that resonates with target audiences like never before. Our employees created some hilarious and mostly amazing ad graphics using AI!
  • The Future of Google: We were lucky enough to welcome a guest speaker, Matt, from Google, to give us an insider’s scoop on what’s in the Google product pipeline, how to speak to these developments with clients, and the AI/Google relationship.
  • Magnetize Your Marketing Content: Our marketing king and queen, Chad and Quinn, taught us how to get to the heart of what the ICP wants so your marketing can draw them in, plus hacks to get ahead of schedule with creating your client’s marketing content, while also having a solid testing strategy in place.
  • 5 Ways to Disrupt Your Life: Our incredible recruiter, Katey, brought her passion to our employees by teaching us the secret recipe to understand our capability to change the trajectory of our lives to become alive and live our full potential.
  • Influencer Marketing: Two of our Account Managers, Becca and TJ, broke down the past, present, and future of influencer marketing, along with all the know-how you need to help clients be successful.
  • The Psychology of Belonging: The incredible Tony Wiseman showed us the difference between belonging vs. fitting in and how to leverage the predictive index best.
  • Chat GPT & Digital Marketing: One of our killer Account Managers, JD, taught us how to unlock the potential of Chat GPT to revolutionize the way we do digital marketing.
  • Close More Deals: A Better Input = A Better Input: Bryan, our talented Google expert, prepared a presentation that covered 1) how to set up your Lead To Sale Journey, 2) how to use Value Based Bidding strategies, and 3) how to close more deals in 2023 for your clients.
  • The Power of Lifecycle Marketing: Our email wizards, Alli and Taylor, taught us how Lifecycle Marketing enhances every stage of our client’s customer journey and discover the significance of fostering long-term customer relationships.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Magic: Once again, we learned from our amazing CMO, Quinn, who showed us how to understand top 2023 marketing trends and how they affect the whole funnel approach and synchronize our efforts between channels.
  • Disruptive University: Lastly, we had the privilege of hearing from our beloved CEO, Jacob Baadsgaard, and President, Heidi Frye, who spoke on the company focus and plan with rolling out our incredible program, Disruptive University. The intention of this program is to develop top marketers and equip them with the emotional capacity to pause, reflect, and choose their responses to life.

It was truly remarkable to learn from the leaders in our company and relish in the environment of vulnerability as we spent time learning and growing together (the only downside was that we could only pick 3 courses to attend).

The service project was also a major highlight of the day, as we had the opportunity to put together 288 backpacks with school supplies for refugees in need. We are so grateful to our Caring Committee for providing us with this opportunity!

The following day was spent collaborating with our departments and teams while our People and Culture team set up an incredible dinner party at the beautiful Sundance Mountain Resort.

However, this was not your average company dinner party. We had to do it Disruptive style, and we did it well. 

We entered another universe upon arriving at the dinner party, and it was that much better when every employee was dressed in space costumes, but this was only the beginning of the fun that was to come. From raffle prizes to dance-offs, the dinner party was truly OUT OF THIS WORLD. We also had the honor of recognizing 11 employees who go above and beyond to embody our core values and make Disruptive an amazing place to work. It was truly a night to remember.

Finally, on the last day, our department leaders planned meaningful activities for their teams to spend quality time together. As a company with remote employees, team days are so important in nourishing employee relationships and building team unity.

“It was so well thought out and fun! I LOVED the fact that the nominations and awards were voted on entirely by employees as opposed to being selected by leadership. The awards were my favorite part!”

—Angelica Zuppke

We honestly could not have asked for a better week and are so grateful to our leaders and especially our People and Culture team for putting together such an impactful experience for us.❤️

At Disruptive, investing in our people is investing in the future of our business as we aim to produce top digital marketers who are living their potential.

Thank you to our employees for joining us at our 2023 Disruptive Summit!

“The People and Culture team absolutely killed it. Thank you for all your hard work. You make Disruptive an incredible place to work at. Love you all!” 

—Nate Dredge

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Miranda Marsh

Miranda Marsh

Miranda is a Content Marketer who LOVES learning. She is always looking for ways to improve her skill-set and bring new value to our marketing team. Miranda enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and baby and traveling. She's a sucker for teen romance novels and loves to make friends everywhere she goes.

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