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The Ins N Outs of Google Ad Extensions

What if I told you that you could get a juicy Double-Double cheeseburger from In-N-Out Burger for the same price as a single cheeseburger? Sound like a good deal? Of course it does! In fact, if this happened all my hopes and dreams would be coming true. My motto at In-N-Out is you get a Double-Double, fries, and […]

by Brittany Loong April 27, 2015

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5 Mistakes Law Firms Make When Advertising Online

Learn Online Marketing Strategies for Law Firms That Actually Work Advertising legal services on Google is about as competitive as it gets. Depending on your specialty and location you could be spending anywhere from $10 to over $500 per click. Budgets are limited and the pressure for results is high so the key is to focus […]

by Jacob Baadsgaard April 22, 2015

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What I’ve Learned Working at Disruptive Advertising

Lesson 0: a Cool Company Shirt Goes a Long Way As I write this, today is my last day of work at Disruptive Advertising. This company has my heart, but I am having a baby boy in a few weeks and will spend the next couple of weeks preparing! As I’m wrapping up everything, I […]

by Megan Fields April 21, 2015

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Learn Adwords GSP & How to Create Gmail Sponsored Promotions

AdWord’s Gmail Sponsored Promotions: Email advertising users actually kind of like Let’s start with a quick background on Gmail Sponsored Promotions. They are ads that are found at the top (and sometimes the bottom) of the Promotions tab in your Gmail inbox. What are they? Well, when a user opens the email, you’re charged for the […]

by Jenny Hatch April 17, 2015

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How To Make a Great PPC Landing Page From Your Website

PPC landing pages are more than just a fresh coat of paint Whats the difference between a website and a landing page? A website and a landing page serve two very different purposes. A website is usually the command center for a company. It contains all products, services, blogs, and company information spread across many pages. […]

by Manny Lopez April 08, 2015

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The Ad Rank Formula Revealed

Win all the PPC Prizes By Knowing the Ad Rank formula. We thought jockeying for position would end in high school. Then we found out that high school never ends (Thanks Bowling For Soup). The ad rank formula is Google’s way of making advertisers jockey for ad position. But I’m going to tell you the secret to […]

by Jenny Hatch April 03, 2015

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Setting Up Bing Conversion Tracking with the Universal Event Tag

If you’ve been doing Paid Search advertising using the Bing Ads platform, you’ve probably gotten an email recently about upcoming changes to Bing Ads conversion tracking. As of July 2015, Bing Ads will no longer support or allow you to edit conversion goals created with Bing Campaign Analytics. I’m here to help you understand what’s changing […]

by Casey Walrath March 20, 2015

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7 Common AdWords Mistakes

 Follow These Guidelines and You Won’t Get Lost AdWords mistakes…we all make them. My position at Disruptive allows me the opportunity to audit accounts and see where we can put together strategy to improve things for potential clients. Every week I find myself auditing several AdWords accounts and almost without fail there are few major oversights that […]

by John Thuet March 18, 2015

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Getting Adwords to Work in a Low Traffic Industry

Fuel up and get some results for your low-traffic PPC accounts. If you’re a PPC advertiser, you know that one of the biggest struggles can be working in a very low-traffic industry. It’s hard to get the results that you need when the search volume behind your keywords just isn’t there. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help […]

by Megan Fields March 16, 2015

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