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What’s Hiding in Your Ecommerce Account?

Sometimes little oversights can cost you big time. That was the case with one of our clients when they first came to us. This particular client sells anatomical models and charts to doctors, teachers, universities and laboratories. Remember that creepy skeleton in the corner of your high school biology class? Yep, there’s a whole industry […]

by Aden Andrus July 22, 2020

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Marketing Automation and ABM: A Perfect Match?

Good account-based marketing involves a lot of nurturing. You’re building a relationship between businesses, and there will be a lot of nudging, encouraging, reminding and helping along the way. All of that takes time. However, B2B relationships are just like normal relationships—if you don’t invest the time, the relationship will die. Unfortunately, that can be […]

by Aden Andrus July 21, 2020

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Is Your Ecommerce Marketing Set Up for Success… or Failure?

How you set up your campaigns can have a big impact on their performance. If your campaign structure focuses your budget on the wrong impressions, clicks or even products, you can waste a lot of money without realizing it. Structuring for Success For example, when one of our clients first came to us, they were […]

by Aden Andrus July 20, 2020

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Automated Bidding…When Are You Going to Give It a Try?

Sometimes, improving campaign performance is simply a matter of knowing which algorithm to use and when. For example, one of our clients sells a novel landscape maintenance tool. When they came to us, their revenue numbers were okay and their return on ad spend was 2.2x. That was acceptable, but not where they wanted it […]

by Aden Andrus July 17, 2020

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Stop Underestimating Your Product Feed!

When it comes to online shopping, your product data and images are what your customers have to rely on. This is especially true if you’re running Google Shopping campaigns.  Unlike standard paid search campaigns, you don’t get to pick keywords for your Google Shopping campaigns. Instead, you have to rely on product categories and your […]

by Aden Andrus July 15, 2020

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Is It Time to Take Your Brand More Seriously?

In ecommerce, it’s easy to get fixated on direct sales. Early on, your customers have never heard of your business (or possibly even your product), so all you can do is run ads and hope that people click, get excited and make a purchase. To make the most of your marketing, you have to optimize […]

by Aden Andrus July 14, 2020

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6 Places To Advertise That Aren’t Google or Facebook

You want to increase the amount of traffic coming to your site, solidifying your place in your industry and generating brand awareness. You might also want to boost leads, sales, and customer retention. Knowing that pay-per-click advertising is an excellent option for all of this, you decide to set up some ad campaigns. The next question […]

by Ana Gotter July 11, 2020

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You Might Not Know Your Audience as Well as You Think You Do

When you’ve been running ads for a while, it’s easy to get tunnel vision. You’ve figured out your marketing and you know who your customers are, how to market to them and what to expect from your campaigns. Or, at least you think you do. One of the secrets to long-term advertising success is to […]

by Aden Andrus July 10, 2020

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Should Your Ecommerce Business Be Investing in Paid Search?

As great as Google Shopping and Facebook Ads are, they aren’t the only way to get in front of potential customers. In many cases, a few smart paid search ads can make a big difference. This is especially true when a lot of your traffic comes from desktop computers. For example, here’s what the search […]

by Aden Andrus July 09, 2020

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