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Dropshipping and Facebook Ads: Does It Really Work?

It seems like every day there is a new kid on the ecommerce block, hoping to make money from their dropshipping prowess, but not everyone seems to be going the distance… One of the fastest routes to market is to use Facebook ads as a way to quickly make sales and pull in customers. But […]

by Patrick Foster February 08, 2019

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Using Facebook Awareness Ads for Local SEO

Facebook ads are well known for having excellent targeting capabilities, and nowhere is this truer than with local awareness ads. These ads reach people near your business by allowing you to define a radius (as small as one mile) around your location. Facebook then displays the ad to just users who live in the area […]

by Caz Bevan February 06, 2019

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4 Easy Strategies to Drive Local Traffic With Google Ads

Many small businesses assume that Google Ads are only useful for driving on-site traffic. It’s easy to understand where the misconception comes from: it’s a lot easier, after all, to click on an ad than to get in your car or call an Uber and head to a brick-and-mortar location. And it’s definitely more difficult […]

by Ana Gotter February 05, 2019

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Put Your Content on the Map with Paid Social Promotion

Ever write a brilliant piece of content…only to watch it fade into obscurity? Maybe you get a few clicks from your social media following, but it fizzles after that. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With millions of posts going up on a daily basis, even the best content can have a hard time getting traction—either on social […]

by Aden Andrus February 04, 2019

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8 Best Practices for Chat on Landing Pages

We’re all used to seeing, and not responding to those boring “I’m here to answer any questions you may have” chat windows at the bottom of landing pages. While that might work for some companies, most of the time users are just looking for a quick, personal interaction. So how can you make your chat stand […]

by Jenny Hatch February 01, 2019

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All Google Ads Extensions [Assets] + HOW to Optimize Them

Last Updated: August 2023 You can take plenty of steps to ensure that your Google Ads are more efficient and profitable, increasing their odds of success. Great keyword research. Robust and relevant copy. The right bidding strategy. And, of course, Google Ads Extensions.  Google Ads Extensions (recently rebranded as “Google Ads Assets”) are outstanding ad […]

by Ana Gotter January 31, 2019

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8 Google Ads Automated Bidding Strategies and How to Use Them

Automation is kind of the dream, right? It’s why services like Amazon’s subscription option are so popular, and why there are so many solutions rolling out daily to help us streamline everything from our meal planning to bill paying. We all have too many tasks and not enough hours in the day, after all, and […]

by Ana Gotter January 30, 2019

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Cognitive Biases in Action: Familiarity Breeds Content

Do you consider yourself a rational, logic-driven person? Most of us do. Unfortunately, while most of us don’t want to admit it, even the best logic is usually tainted by emotions—emotions that we often don’t even realize are twisting our thinking. In psychology, they refer to these emotional influences as “cognitive biases”. While the existence […]

by Aden Andrus January 29, 2019

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5 Common Google Ad Issues that Will Derail Your Campaigns

Google Ads will keep you on your toes, because everything is always just a little bit in flux. Certain keywords rise and fall in effectiveness, CPCs can change relatively quickly, and updates to the platform can send everything a little out of whack. Since Google Ads is such an intricate, complicated system, it shouldn’t be […]

by Ana Gotter January 28, 2019

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