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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy from Start to Finish

Gone are the days where billboards and newspaper ads were the most effective means of promoting your brand and your products. Digital marketing is a necessity for all businesses and selecting the right strategies will be key to your success. There are a lot of options when it comes to digital marketing, however, and it […]

by Ana Gotter September 17, 2018

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Interactive Marketing: A 2 Way Conversation That Pays Off!

Have you ever been out on a date where your date would only answer in “yes” or “no” responses, making it completely painful to be there? Did you want to learn more about them, their interests and personality? Were you truly looking to connect? Well, just like these awkward dates, your customers want the same […]

by Cydney Hatch September 14, 2018

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How to Leverage Database Marketing for Your Business

You’re ready to grow your client list, and you’re ready to do it now. There’s zero doubt in your mind that your product or service could help a lot of people and that there’s nothing else out there that can do what yours can. Finding the clients, however, is turning out to be more of a […]

by Ana Gotter September 13, 2018

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The Road to Success: An In-Depth Marketing Plan Template and Guide

Have you ever left on a trip without a game-plan? If you have, you’ve probably lived to regret it. Whether it’s not mapping out travel times and locations, times of closings to having no idea where to stay…it can be a mess! Like unplanned personal travel, without a defined marketing plan, most businesses will struggle […]

by Cydney Hatch September 12, 2018

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Global Marketing 101: Are You Ready to Go International?

The idea of scaling your business to an international level can be both intimidating and incredibly alluring at the same time. The thought of a wider audience base could mean more stability and more room to scale is an appealing one. Our world is now more hyper-connected than ever before, and even small businesses with […]

by Ana Gotter September 11, 2018

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35 Creative Marketing Strategies You Can Use to Think Outside-the-Box

It’s easy to look at big viral campaigns and be both impressed and a little jealous. It’s so obvious, you’ll think. Why didn’t I come up with that first? We see this all over. Wendy’s epic social takedowns of their competitors. Old Spice’s interactive quirky character and video response campaigns. Coca Cola’s Share-A-Coke strategy. They can seem like […]

by Ana Gotter September 07, 2018

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How to Prepare for the Launch of Your PPC Ad Campaign

Organic marketing practices like search engine optimization, content marketing and social media are all excellent ways to engage with your audience, but you’re missing out if you don’t also include ads in your strategy. Digital ads allow you to target specific users, improve visibility, and enhance your brand image beyond what organic marketing alone could […]

by Kelly Shelton September 06, 2018

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Christmas is Coming…How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Advertising

It seems weird to start thinking about the holidays when it is still sunny and warm outside, but for ecommerce businesses, holiday planning is happening earlier and earlier each year. After all, the competition is getting more and more fierce online, which means customers are becoming less loyal to brands and more loyal to user […]

by Josh Hansen September 05, 2018

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The Insider’s Guide to How the Marketing Process Works

You’re sitting in front of your computer, knowing that you need to market your business somehow and get online to look at all the options. Within a few minutes, even though you have a basic understanding about some of the options out there, you’re overwhelmed. There are so many marketing options out there. Email marketing. […]

by Ana Gotter August 30, 2018

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