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What is CTR? What You Need to Know About Click-Through Rate

Online marketers love their acronyms: ROAS…MRR…PPC…CPC…CPA…CTA…and, of course, we have CTR. CTR, or click-through rate, is an essential metric in pay-per-click (PPC) ads that can help you gauge the results you’re getting and how effective your campaigns are. In this post, we’re going to go over everything that you need to know about click-through rate, […]

by Jacob Baadsgaard December 19, 2017

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How to Generate More Leads with Facebook Ads for Realtors

Real estate agents face different challenges than you’ll find in most businesses. Often, they work with clients for an incredibly long time before they ever see that commission check and repeat purchases aren’t exactly common. As a result, successful realtor marketing takes aggressive lead generation. Even with great referral traffic, you constantly need to have […]

by Ana Gotter December 13, 2017

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Custom Affinity Audiences: Looking Out for the Little Guy

If you’re a smaller business trying to compete with the big dogs in your industry, advertising on AdWords can be a real challenge. The competition usually has more money, more experience and more insights into their target audience. While taking on the competition might seem overwhelming, with Google’s Custom Affinity Audiences, you can actually compete […]

by Nikki Muncey December 12, 2017

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Christmas is Coming! Let’s Make the Most of Your Advertising Campaigns

With Christmas right around the corner, eCommerce businesses are in crunch mode. When 76% of holiday shoppers buy gifts online, you can’t afford to run ineffective marketing campaigns. Fortunately, if you’re running a bit behind on putting together your holiday marketing strategy (or your current strategy isn’t producing the results you’re looking for), we’re here […]

by Jenny Hatch December 11, 2017

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How to Use Facebook Lead Ads to Land More Wedding Clients

Planning a wedding is simultaneously stressful and exciting. If your business offers wedding services, venues or catering, you know that better than most. Every couple wants their wedding to be a perfect memory they can draw on for years to come, so every decision—from the food to the decorations—matters. For any business that advertises to […]

by Jacob Thuet December 07, 2017

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Keyword Research

Keywords matter. There’s no doubt about that. If your target audience is actively searching for a business, service or product like yours, you want to make sure that they find it. Most businesses understand this in theory, but struggle to actually choose the right keywords that will benefit them most. That being said, keyword research […]

by Jacob Baadsgaard December 06, 2017

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How to Leverage Your Social Network Without Annoying Them

Networking is a good thing. It makes the business world go ’round. Unfortunately, however, there’s a big chunk of the population who doesn’t seem to understand that the term “networking” is not synonymous with spamming people at near-harassment levels, almost demanding favors and constantly talking about yourself. When you’re building your business, it’s not only […]

by Ana Gotter December 05, 2017

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3 Ways to Increase the ROI of Your Hotel AdWords Campaigns

Advertising your hotel or hotel chain on Google can be very costly and inefficient. It is easy to waste money on irrelevant traffic and poor search terms. Fortunately, there are a few strategies that—when applied correctly—can have a major impact on the success of your hotel AdWords campaigns. In this article, we’ll go over these […]

by Jacob Thuet November 30, 2017

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The Top 5 AdWords Mistakes Lawyers Make

If there’s one thing I’ve learned working with law firms, it’s that successfully advertising your firm on AdWords is tough. It’s extremely competitive and—when you’re paying over $50 a click—you can’t afford to make mistakes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop most law firms from making one or more of the following 5 mistakes: Focusing on Being #1 Poor […]

by Jeff Allan November 29, 2017

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