by Jacob Baadsgaard June 16, 2014

Why ROI Focused PPC Management Is Important

I hope you enjoyed the slide deck as much as I enjoyed putting it together. We all have the same amount of time to work with to be successful in our careers, relationships, and life. Those that truly accomplish great things learn how to focus their time on their Wildly Important Goals (WIGS – acronym taken from one of my favorite books “The 4 disciplines of execution”). I’d like to recap and focus on two areas that are WIGS for me and likely for you:

WIG #1 – Relationships

Believe it or not, PPC Management is not the highest priority in my life 😉 While I don’t always prioritize my relationship with my wife as high as I should, I recognize that 1, 5, and 20 years from now this will be the one that impacts my life for the good or bad the most. I’m constantly amazed at how little effort I actually have to put forth to really show that I care and the produce amazing results in our relationship. After sharing the examples of simple acts that go a long way I was cornered by several guys that told me I had to read something on their phone. They had immediately taken my recommendations to heart and texted their significant others with something like this: “Hey babe, just wanted to let you know I love you. You are the best decision I ever made”. I was anxious to see the responses and they all said something like “that is exactly what they needed to hear! I can’t wait till you get home!” You’re welcome guys. 😉

Let’s commit to make an extra 5 minutes per day to tell someone we love and care about them.

Disruptive USA

(Sometimes you just need to hug it out. GO USA!!!)

WIG #2 – ROI Focused PPC Management

Ever spent a busy day at work and asked yourself at the end of the day “What did I actually accomplish today?” We’ve all been there probably more than we’d like to admit. Isn’t it funny how we instinctively find the tasks that are easy to complete and check off but don’t necessarily produce anything meaningful? Getting the most valuable actions done often doesn’t require much more effort, sometimes even less, but it does require additional thought and planning. So what are the WIGS that we should be thinking and planning for with for ROI focused PPC management? Fortunately there aren’t a lot to keep track of so here you go:

1. Qualified Traffic – Nothing else matters if you don’t get the right traffic. Get specific and avoid broad match keywords. You don’t have to only bid on obvious keywords but they are a good place to start.

2. Effective Ad Copy – Don’t trick yourself into thinking this is a static target. Even the most effective ads lose traction over time. Keep testing new variations or completely new ads to find the right combination of keywords, benefits, and call to action that makes a splash

3. Killer Landing Pages – Titles that are consistent with the original keyword and ad copy provide a great impact. Remember that the most effective landing pages will effectively communicate that you have successfully helped someone just like them with the exact same issue; social proof reviews, video, and case studies are a great way to communicate this.

Take a minute to step back and really give these areas some serious thought. Always keep in mind your end goal which will always be tied to cost effective revenue for your business.

Let’s stay focused and get the most important things done and we’ll be surprised with how much we can accomplish, as well as commit to make an extra 5 minutes per day to tell someone we love and care about them.


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Jacob Baadsgaard

Jacob Baadsgaard

Jake is the founder and CEO of Disruptive Advertising. An entrepreneur at heart, Jake is a relationship-first kinda guy that loves learning from other people's life experiences. He actively works to create an environment where people feel seen, heard, and challenged to take that next big step on their life journey. When he's not juggling his many roles within Disruptive, you'll find him putting in a lot of miles on the bike or running and spending time with his wife Teresa, and their four children.

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