by Stirling Ruuth December 30, 2013

The Secret Life of PPC Marketers

For this post, I thought I would take a quick break from marketing strategy and tactics to give a glimpse of what it is like to be a PPC Marketer.

Dreaming Big 

We dream big, as ppc marketers. We are always pushing ideas to the limits and coming up with new creative ways to improve performance and are often caught day dreaming what-if scenarios, amazing results,  while combining roll plays of how we could communicate our awesome results the best.

We Take Calculated Risks

We love collecting data and seeing trends. I wouldn’t say all of us are trendy hipsters, but we do love the occasional well-kept mustache.

We see trends, we follow trends, and we create trends. PPC Marketers are all about the numbers and how they affect the ROI and bottom line. Our creed is attribution and accountability. If we cannot provide a positive ROI through all our efforts, we fail. We HATE failing.

Love to Test

We pride ourselves on creating testing cultures. “It’s Worth a Test” is a phrase often heard in the PPC industry since not every Call to Action button color or text works in every industry and scenario.

We test and test and test again, we never run a single ad in any ad group, but we are selective with our tests and not just testing to test. We always have the end goal in mind when we create new split test

Don’t Always Make Data Driven Decisions

Those of us that have been in “The Game” for a while know that intuition or gut feelings can often trump best practices. We have the great opportunity to learn and work in many industries. We know that after time some things just will not work in the industries we are familiar with, like the rare case when the Google Search Partners network performs 10x better than the regular search or display networks.

As PPC Marketers we would only know this through tired and true testing and recognizing when to take action on trends.

We Are the Same But Different

I hope this has provided a great glimpse into the minds and hearts of PPC Marketers. We come from all walks of life but usually all have the same end result; getting good results from ppc marketing.

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Stirling Ruuth

Stirling Ruuth

Stirling is an account strategist team lead at Disruptive Advertising. When he's not catching the latest episode of Duck Dynasty, you can find him chopping wood, smoking meats, and growing beards.

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