by Preston Andrew August 7, 2014

Boomers – 4 Stats That Will Have You Reconsidering Paid Search

It Might Be Time To Revisit (Or Visit) Paid Search

Remember the days when you couldn’t skip a T.V. commercial? Better yet, remember when you listened to the radio specifically for the commercials? There was no other way to get critical information on how to use that secret decoder ring!

Times are moving fast and interruptive forms of advertising like radio are losing their audience. So, where should we be investing ad dollars to get an effective return?

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First, let’s address the problem. Things have drastically changed and many marketers have fallen behind the digital curve.

Specifically, our parents, the Baby Boomer crowd. Hi Dad!

This older audience traditionally has been slower to adopt new marketing tactics and should consider being more aggressive with their digital marketing budgets.

Many of us in the online marketing community wonder why this demographic has been more comfortable spending large advertising budgets on interruptive types of media such as: Radio, TV, Mailers, Billboards, etc… without quantifiable ROI reporting?

As I began the research process I adjusted my assumptions and found that while early adoption might be more of a process, Boomers are, with no question, looking for innovative solutions.

In spite of this perception, the Boomer group is making strides. They are the fastest growing segment on Facebook. (55-64) This gentleman might be a bit older but I guarantee he learned out to tweet right after this went viral. 😉

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So, where is the disconnect between adoption and implementation?

As marketers we aren’t focused on them. How many of you click on the 55+ age group when targeting ads on LinkedIn?

So when I post the question, “You’ve grown up, has your advertising?” I’m speaking directly to you Baby Boomers and talking out of the other side of my mouth to other marketers like myself.

There are more effective marketing solutions that you need to know about and we need to build more awareness. This crowd is worth focusing on.

In fact, the Baby Boomer population is now the wealthiest group among us, for now. Gen Xers are right on their tail, but our parents are still in the power position. This translates into mega amounts of personal and professional purchasing power?

So what, as a marketer, is your perception of targeting Baby Boomers when selling high-tech digital services or goods? The answer should be… optimistic, we’ve been presented a huge opportunity. This market is under serviced and under targeted.

Paid Search Is On The Rise

I’m not going to be shy. Boomers, I know you’re out there looking for information. We need to do a better job of providing it and placing it in the right mediums.

So here it is, my humble opinion infused with a few facts on why growing up also means investing more in digital media, specifically paid search.

Here are 4 statistics that will make you rethink your 2014-15 traditional marketing budgets and invest more dollars in paid search.

Internet advertising will make up nearly 25% of the entire ad market by 2015. –This is a booming area of marketing that’s on the rise.

72% of PPC marketers plan to increase PPC budgets in 2014. –It’s effective  and more dollars are being invested.

In 2013 55% of marketers worldwide increased their digital marketing budgets.Digital marketing is becoming more accepted globally and paid search is a great way to deliver digital content.

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing. -Surprise! PPC is considered inbound marketing and naturally delivers when people are looking for solutions.

At Disruptive we really believe in PPC, in fact we do if for ourselves. It just happens to be our biggest form of lead generation. We have talented people that understand what it takes to convert sales online.

Remember the old adage of the shoe cobbler who was so busy he never had time to repair his own children’s shoes? Well that’s not us, our kids prefer moon walking in their custom suede shoes. We know it works and believe it can provide scaleable growth for your business.

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Inbound marketing works, paid search is a great way to generate lots of cost effective high volume sales. If your unsure about committing more dollars to PPC, the best way to make an educated decision is to understand what your competition is doing.

We have visibility into: what they spend every month, the keywords that are driving traffic, and where their ads are showing up.

Schedule a time to chat with one of our handsome founders; Jake or Johnathan and learn your competitors secrets. We’d be happy to give you this free report and help you dominate your competition online!

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