by Landon Hedin July 6, 2017

Video Remarketing Ads: Why You Should Be Using Them

Why use video advertising? The answer is simple, most people enjoy watching a short video rather than reading a normal text ad.

Simple enough, right? Yes, but not so fast.

Of course, it costs more to create a video ad than to create a text ad and the execution and strategy behind a high quality video ad is often tricky to pull off. However, with video remarketing ads, I often see 20% higher conversion rates than I see with normal remarketing ads.

Video Remarketing Ads

For example, I recently used video remarketing ads to drive an 8.6x return:

Video Remarketing Ad Results | Disruptive Advertising

Now, don’t be fooled. You can’t just put any old video ad into remarketing campaign and expect these sorts of results.

A poor video ad, mixed with poor strategy and execution, or a mixture of an of those aspects, will foster minimal conversions, if any at all. Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson before trying to run poor quality video with expectations of BIG results. Talk about beating your head against a wall!

There aren’t too many things more frustrating in the business and advertising industries than campaigns that don’t produce a good ROAS. Thankfully, those mistakes and years of learning from those mistakes, led to success…and a lot of it. I want to take you through a few high-level tips and strategies that can, and will, help you.

Create Good Content

First of all, if you want great video remarketing ads, you need to create good content, or hire someone to create it for you.

Is it expensive? Can be. Often times it is. But the real question isn’t “Is it worth it?”

The real question is, “Can my business survive without it?”

The answer to that question is a BIG. FAT. NO! I could bore you with a bunch of statistics and numbers and proof of what trends are showing, but I won’t do that. What I will do is give you a few of the main reasons of why you should use video ads:

  1. Video remarketing ads increase conversions and boost ROI
  2. Video ads often have lower click through rates than normal ads, but the clicks they drive are usually ready to convert…now
  3. Video content is more appealing to mobile users (mobile engagement is also one of the biggest growing trends in digital advertising)
  4. Video ads are more interactive, which helps build trust between your brand and your audience
  5. Google is loving creative content in advertising more and more, which can help your ads and landing pages rank higher on Google. This is more evident and a bit more insightful to our agency because of our unique relationship with Google.
  6. Video marketing can explain a lot more about your brand (and it will do this exactly how you want it to, because YOU create it.)
  7. Video engages normally lazy buyers

One of the biggest mistakes that we see in client strategy when they come on board with us is that their strategy is heavily based on their audience conforming to them. This is a cardinal SIN in any industry. And what, you ask, is the best way to conform and speak to your audience? Get to know what they want.


Video is the way of the future of online advertising. The case has already been made, proven, and executed across all industries, and chances are, by many of your competitors. If you’re behind the 8-ball with your creative marketing content, here’s my advice:

  • It’s definitely not too late.
  • Don’t be intimidated.
  • Recognize the importance and absolute necessity of the investment.

By the way, if you’re interested in getting some ideas on how to use video remarketing ads in your online marketing, let us know here or in the comments.

Have you tried video remarketing ads? What was your experience? What recommendations do you have about video ad remarketing?

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Landon Hedin

Landon Hedin

Landon brings many years of sales and marketing expertise to our team. You can usually find him with a fly rod in his hands, or on the golf course trying not to throw his clubs. His family occupies 1,000,000% of his time, and he loves it.

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