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Acquire new patients for your dental or medical practice with our healthcare-specific marketing and targeted advertising

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Healthcare Industry Case Studies

...but don't just take our word for it. Check out some of our healthcare case studies and see what we've done.

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    Buena Vista Recovery

    Improved lead to admissions from 5% to 22%

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    An orthopedics practice

    30% conversion rate increase

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    CBD Products

    $165k estimated annual increase


Our digital marketing strategies for healthcare professionals are directly tailored to address the most common challenges healthcare companies face in the marketplace today.

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How does Disruptive get me the best quality lead that is seeking the specific health service I offer?

We set up the keyword targeting to be as specific as we can by targeting the exact search term that we know will lead to the highest quality lead. That’s done by making the ad copy match the search term as much as possible, and directing them to a geographically specific landing page that is tailored to their location. We have a local phone number, maps, or images of the city they're searching for or from.

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What options can I provide my potential patients to connect with me? (Text, phone call, email, etc)

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How do I differentiate my practice from my competitors when it comes to marketing?

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How do I successfully navigate the strict guidelines around marketing for healthcare in the digital space?

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Will I get insights into tracking leads to closed cases?

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