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Marketing Automation and Email Strategy

Email isn’t dead. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Our proven approach drives engagement through automated, personalized messages thoughtfully designed to create a more cohesive and meaningful brand experience.

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Shows the value of the product, provides education, and builds a relationship with the subscriber.
Nurtures subscribers with contextual or targeted content to establish a deeper relationship.
Convinces the subscriber to complete their purchase, drives a sense of urgency, and focuses on the conversion.
Support customer retention by providing helpful content, cross/up sales, and special offers.
Continues the customer relationship, turning customers into fans that promote and refer the brand.

Why Email Marketing?

If you’re new to understanding how email marketing supports your marketing funnel, it will make you wonder why you’ve never done it before.

Email marketing, unlike any other marketing channel, touches every stage of the funnel. It should be leveraged across the entire sales funnel and beyond to maximize the ROI of every touchpoint.

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The average user receives over 200 marketing emails per day

This makes the typical consumer inbox one of the most competitive landscapes your business will find itself in.

The average person has an 8 second attention span. A goldfish beats that with a 9 second attention span. 8 seconds isn’t a lot, and users are bombarded with marketing messages.

Tools like Mailchimp have brought the power of email marketing to the masses, which overflows a user’s inbox making visibility the biggest email marketing challenge of today and why the strategy behind the send is so important.

Now more than ever it’s critical brands use their 8 seconds wisely to stand out and drive ROI.

Our Methodology for Email Marketing

  • Design mobile-first emails

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    Did you know 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile?

    Disruptive produced emails are designed in house for mobile first for the optimal end user experience.

  • Create strong subject lines

  • Optimize email deliverability

  • Comprehensive strategy

Our Core Process


Email conception & planning


Copywriting & design


Coding, development, and data logic management


Automation build, execution, and management in ESP


QA, testing, troubleshooting, reviews and approvals


Post and send analytics and analysis

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Designed for Success

Successful campaigns are easy to consume. Methods must be added to the creative process to establish structure that acts as a backbone to varying emails, from the simplest and most minimal to the most complex. The orientation must reflect the reading dynamics of recipients.

It may seem like a theoretical topic, but it actually has profound practical implications on the creation of the email and the use of the message by the recipient.

We know each of the different ways to compose emails based on the balance between content and layout. Method must always be added to creative freedom in order to avoid getting carried away by improvisation and to be able to count on a structure that acts as a backbone to varying emails, from the most minimal to the most complex.

Over 80% of users will delete an email within 3 seconds if it doesn’t look good.

Ensuring design and strategy are aligned is absolutely critical to running successful programs.

If you get an email on your phone that doesn’t look good, what do you do?

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The Proof is in the Pudding