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Miranda Marsh

May 31, 2022

Lifecycle marketing is different from the buyer’s experience or conversion– it takes time, nurturing, and trust to turn customers into devoted brand advocates. We know it can be challenging to win over customers with the first impression of your brand. Luckily, there’s a strategy to attract and retain customers well beyond that initial purchase– lifecycle marketing.

There is no need to waste your marketing dollars getting leads when they’re not being taken care of. You have to be strategic and link your sales directly to your advertising efforts.

So, what should you do to nurture your customers into raving fans? Implement a strong lifecycle marketing strategy. 

What is lifecycle marketing? Lifecycle marketing is a combination of strategies (e.g. email marketing, social media marketing, marketing automation, etc.) used to positively influence customer behavior as they progress through each stage of the marketing cycle.

There are 6 marketing lifecycle stages:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Customer Engagement
  3. Lead Nurturing
  4. Conversion
  5. Customer Retention
  6. Brand Advocacy

When you pair the marketing lifecycle stages with a strong lifecycle marketing strategy you provide a positive customer experience, improved brand reputation, lasting relationships, increased conversion rates, improved ROI and LTV, and so much more.

Stop wasting your budget on the wrong leads. Instead, turn those one-time customers into loyal brand advocates who rave about your company. Doing this requires a genuine knowledge of your target audience, a strong lifecycle marketing strategy, stepping into your customers’ shoes, and a little bit of patience while they decide whether or not to buy from you.

If you lack a strong lifecycle marketing strategy, you’re missing out on ample opportunities to increase your profits and connect with new buyers.

Sound interesting? Check out this excellent case study to see how we helped Neese’s Dresses increase their revenue from email by 261%.
Are you ready to turn your customers into raving fans? Reach out to our team today to see how we can maximize your lifecycle marketing strategy.

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