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Is Disruptive the right partner to manage my Snapchat Advertising?

At Disruptive, we start with the end results you want and then build the strategy road map to get there.

We are passionate about building lifelong relationships on a foundation that starts with your most important business goals and marketing results. ROAS & LTV are cute, but we care more about what drives your Revenue and Profitability.

As a Premier PPC Digital Marketing Agency, Disruptive knows how to effectively advertise on Snapchat. We streamline your advertising spend and improve conversions until your Snapchat marketing gets the results you need.

We’ve audited over 2,500 Digital Marketing Strategies, tested over 100 million site visitors and tracked millions of analytic data points. We’d love to help you incorporate a multi-channel digital marketing funnel and talk through a long-term strategy.

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Claim your share of the 200+ million Snapchat users

Snapchat Advertising is a rapidly growing social media network. People use Snapchat to communicate with friends, build relationships, play, and learn. And we’re not just talking about any users: we’re talking about millennials who make up a fourth of the population alone. While over 229 Million users actively engage on Snapchat daily, a massive percentage of the millennial population are loyal Snapchatters.

Millennials have an estimated $600 Billion in annual buying power

Millenials are a generation of influencers people look up to for the latest trends in food, fashion, music, culture, and tech.

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Our Snapchat Methodology

Did you know using the wrong methodology could produce significantly different results?

We use Snapchat’s Ads Manager to raise awareness for your business, boost consideration for your products or services, and drive conversions.

Snapchat User Demographics

Almost ¾ of the users on Snapchat are under 25.

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  • Audience Assessment

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    First, we'll assess your target audience.

    If at a first glance, you’re on the fence about whether or not this would be a good channel for you to market on, know that as your digital marketing partner we’ll give you the information you need to help make an educated decision. So before ruling out Snapchat, we suggest running a few tests to see if your target market uses Snapchat - also something we can help you with. We like to leverage existing assets to assess if your target market uses Snapchat. We do this by combining a couple of different methods:

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    1. Analyze existing demographic data particularly from your existing Facebook/IG and Google data insights.

    We like to analyze age, gender and lifestyle demographics of your current audiences. We’ll look at household incomes and compare that directly to Snapchat demographics.

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    2. Examine your audience’s purchase data.

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    3. Conduct simple polls on existing channels.

  • Refine Targeting

  • Measure & Analyze Results

Snapchat Ad Success Stories

On Snapchat’s Inspiration page, you can see several businesses have found massive success with Snapchat Advertising. Here are awesome success stories for businesses that have used Snapchat in their marketing. Disruptive case studies coming soon!

Snapchat by the Numbers

  • 200 Million+

    Over 200 million daily active Snapchat users

  • 25+ Uses Daily

    Average frequency of app usage every day

  • $1 Trillion

    Direct spending power of Millennials and Gen Z

  • pie chart of people discovering new content on youtube

    Snapchatters spend an average of 30+ minutes on Snapchat every day

  • bar graph of preferred youtube watching stats

    Snapchatters are 20% more likely to make purchases on their mobile device

  • pie chart of youtube brand reach

    More than 60% of Snapchat users create content every day

Snapchatters are a valuable, unique audience that simply cannot be reached anywhere else in the same way.

As a Premier PPC Marketing Partner, we can easily identify if Snapchat is a good fit for your business’s service or offering allowing you to take advantage of the many perks of advertising on the Snapchat marketing platform.

Let’s do this

We’ll run a free audit and let you know if Snapchat Ads will help you reach your business goals

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