by Johnathan Dane April 2, 2014

Google Enhanced is New. What Can it Do For You?

Google Enhanced isn’t quite like CSI, but it can definitely help you with your PPC campaign. (source)

What is Google Enhanced? It’s the new way Google AdWords allows you to target multiple devices (mobile, tablet, computer) without creating individual device campaigns.

A little more info…

Chances are if you haven’t heard of Google Enhanced you are either new to Google AdWords, or have finally decided to better understand the PPC you have been paying someone else to do for the past X amount of time.

Google Enhanced Campaigns were announced February 2013, and began rolling out across all AdWords accounts not long after. If you want a detailed breakdown of Enhanced Campaigns Google support is a great resource.

 A Few Nuggets To Consider

  • Easily identify geo regions where you have historically gotten conversions. Then increase bids in those regions to get even more conversions!
  • Mobile targeting is much easier. Serve ads to mobile users that are close to your store or business location.
  • If you don’t want to run mobile ads make sure to set your bid modifier to – 100% for mobile devices.
  • You can set which mobile operating systems you want to target (i.e. iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Considering the device someone is using to perform a search, and where & when they perform that search will give you a good a idea of the type of ads you should create.
  • Incremental bidding features can help you increase conversions.

A Lot To Digest

Above are just a handful of the voluminous new features and insights from Google Enhanced Campaigns. Wielding them to your advantage can take time, but will help you connect with your market on more granular level. As a result you will be able to generate business that you have missed out on in the past.

There are many resources covering this topic to help you get started. If you have more questions about Enhanced Campaigns or Google Adwords, feel free to contact Disruptive Advertising any time, without any obligation.

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