by Stirling Ruuth April 16, 2014

Google Search Partner Network Prowess

Schwarzenegger had major physical prowess and understood his body well. Understand even more about the Google Search Partner Network with this quick guide. (source)

Google Search Partner Network – Is it Right for You & Your Business?

What is the Google Search Partner Network?

Typically bigger sites like and generate the majority of traffic, but according to Google AdWords, can include sites relevant to the search. Here is a screenshot showing Google’s position:

Google Partner Network Definition


Why Google Search Partners are Important

It is not terribly difficult to imagine the type of user that traditionally uses the big Google Search Partner network like and, so if you are in a business with that type of demographic as your target market, you are in luck and may see great results on the Google Partner Network.

There are businesses and industries currently running on AdWords that have a large percentage of their business come from the Google Search Partners network. Through persistent optimization, these businesses see incredibly profitable results.

How You can Optimize performance on the Google Search Partner Network

  • Segment by Network to include Google Search Partners
  • Use good data sample – Try last 30 days and expand from there if you do not have enough data
  • Drill down to ad group keywords and make bid adjustments based on best performing network
  • Take into consideration ad position, CTR and CPA when making adjustments
  • Monitor performance over time and make the adjustments a habitual practice

By making the bid adjustments a habitual best practice you should be able to see better performance

Unfortunately, at the time of this post, Google does not let you separate the networks and allow you to bid separately for the networks. Perhaps in the future, Google & other marketers will see the value of adding this type of separation and allow more clarity and control into this virtually untapped network.

Choosing to run your ads on the Google Search Partner network is ultimately a business solution. To be conservative, try starting off without the Google Search Partner feature enabled and monitor the results you get. If you are focused on building a brand, try including the search partners to get the results you want.

By following these simple steps and beginning to understand the Google Search Partner Network and how it works will help you decide if the Google Search Partner Network is right for you and your business.

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Stirling Ruuth

Stirling Ruuth

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