by John Thuet April 23, 2014

Google Hates on Excel and Makes Our Life Easier – My 3 Favorite AdWords Innovations

We’ve got new innovations for Adwords, but no Google Glass teleprompter?  (image source)

Google’s Vice President of AdWords Product Management, Jerry Dischler, took the literal and digital stage to explain some really nifty toys for us AdWords nerds to get our hands on.

No worries, if you are more of a visual learner, I have a link at the bottom of this post if you missed the live stream.

As a digital ad agency who utilizes AdWords pretty extensively, we were a bit anxious for this product announcement.

After things kicked off, I felt like we stumbled onto a replay of one of Apple’s product release clips (minus the shiny new “i” gadget of course (looks like Google decided to take a leaf from their book on this one). If you end up watching the replay, you’ll know what I mean.

Here is a quick highlight of my favorite (and what I think will be the most useful) of the more than 8 “AdWords Innovations” that Google announced and will be rolling out over the next few months.

Spoiler alert – I doubt Microsoft is super stoked with Google right now. For a full review of every single ‘innovation’ as well as where to get more detailed info as things move forward over the next few months, check out Google’s blog here.

#1 – Goodbye Pivot Tables!

Yup, that’s right. When Jerry announced their new “multi-dimensional data analysis and visualization tool”, I think everyone in our office applauded and started chanting, “no more Excel!”

I personally think Google could have come up with some nice acronym to describe the downfall of pivot tables for all AdWords purposes, but hey, I’m not complaining too much. I now have the chance to quickly organize and analyze my data, create graphs, charts etc. all within AdWords… and the charts don’t look half bad either!

#2 – An App Advertiser’s Dream Come True

If your company or client measures success off mobile application downloads, then this little announcement is directed just for you.  Now you can have your apps show up right next to your ad…in color, with it’s own “download” button to boot!

This should help promote app installs…not only because of of the nice little room for your App image, but because now you can reach your ‘most likely’ customers based on their previous app history usage, similar app usage, etc.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention re-engagement. This basically means that when your app ad shows up to someone who already has your ad installed, it will say, “open” rather than, “download” for the ad CTA.

This campaign type will allow users to be taken directly to the necessary page within their already downloaded app…getting them to the right content, on the right platform for your client, optimizing chances for conversion.

#3 – Improved App Reporting

Looks like Google is trying to make our lives easier…dang it 🙂

With “Enhanced Measurement” in AdWords we’ll now be able to measure app information quickly and easily. You’ll see everything from an app install, to the user re-engaging with the app, as well as what in-app purchases they make.

Data like this is a dream for determining the success of an app and making those important decisions on where to promote your app and how successful it is with your target audiences.

Here is a link to the video recap that I promised earlier. I’m personally looking forward to these roll-outs and am glad Google is making a conscious effort to make our lives a bit easier. My hat’s off to you this time, Google…assuming these items are as good in practice as you make them seem.

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