by Jenny Hatch October 28, 2016

What is It Like to Work for Disruptive Advertising?

What is it really like to work at Disruptive Advertising?

Working at Disruptive Advertising isn’t like working with any other company. When you work at Disruptive, you’re immediately part of a family who wants you to succeed as you help the family succeed.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, to give you a feel for what working at Disruptive’s like, let’s start at the beginning on your first day at Disruptive Advertising.

GIFs Galore

Odds are, your first day at Disruptive will start with a long string of welcome GIFs. Whenever a new employee starts at Disruptive, their direct report sends out a mass email introducing you to the team.

And, without fail, the Disruptive family responds with amusing GIFs welcoming you to the team.


This welcome email isn’t at all dissimilar to all good news emails at Disruptive Advertising. Birthdays, good news, welcome’s, etc all turn into threads of GIFs from everyone in the company.

These email chains represent the Disruptive culture perfectly—we celebrate and share everything…and we do it with a sense of humor.

Stand Up Meetings

Most days at Disruptive start with a stand up meeting with your team. Stand up meetings are used to ensure the team is on the same page and so everyone knows where their talents are needed that day at work. It keeps each person accountable and moving in the right direction.

For example, in September the marketing team was working on the Van Helsing promotional video we launched in October.

At the beginning of the project we’d outlined what needed to happen when. Then, at the beginning of the month we laid out what needed to happen that week. Finally, in our standup meeting everyday, we’d discuss what specifics were happening that day and what material each person was responsible for and working on.

Stand up meetings are a great opportunity to focus and prioritize each day at Disruptive Advertising.

Break the Glass Ceiling

Disruptive places a strong emphasis on creating a positive work environment where there is no “glass ceiling.” Instead, the harder someone works and the more they help the company and their fellow employees succeed, the more compensation they are eligible for.


As a result, Disruptive has become a company where people aren’t just focused on hitting their hours or getting ahead. While individual performance is certainly rewarded, employees are also incentivized to to teach and help each other acquire new skills and build their own skills.

You’re an Adult, Act Like One!

Disruptive’s leadership team cares a great deal about helping employees achieve their personal goals and achieve work-life balance.

As part of this effort, Disruptive practices an “adult policy,” where employees are free to attend doctor’s appointments, family events, etc without having to dip into formal “time off” as long as they continue to meet and exceed their work expectations.

Work + Play = Great Results

Disruptive also recognizes that all work and no play hampers creativity and productivity. As a result, once quiet time is over, you’ll regularly hear a pingpong match, dart game, or music going on as people take a breaks, bounce new ideas off of one another and reignite their enthusiasm for work.

At Disruptive, we have body builders, softball fanatics, die-hard Minecrafters with their own work server, YouTubers…you name it! No matter what your passion is, you’ll probably find someone at Disruptive you can connect with.

My personal favorite Disruptive tradition is our annual Diet Coke and Mentos explosion competition. We go buy a bunch of Diet Coke and Mentos and each research and practice our strategy for a large explosion, a high flight, or something completely unexpected.


Then we go outside and have fun. Rarely does any of it go as planned and you always have to be on your toes just in case of a rogue bottle.

In addition to supporting and encouraging employees to follow their passions and enjoy life, Disruptive provides access to and training on a variety of self-improvement topics to help employees live a richer, more empowered life.


There’s a good reason why Disruptive employees love working here. The company culture at Disruptive is both unique and incredibly positive (award-winningly so, in fact).

Although I’ve focused on the fun aspects of working at Disruptive in this post, Disruptive employees don’t love working here because it’s a never-ending party. We play hard, but we also work incredibly hard.

Most people at Disruptive say they love their jobs because they work harder, become better people and are happier at work than they’ve been at any other job. And that’s what makes Disruptive’s company culture truly great.

What do you love about where you work? What’s your favorite aspect of your company’s culture?

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Jenny Hatch

Jenny Hatch

As the Executive Assistant, Jenny's primary focus is to help the Executive Team better lead the company with the proper financials, reporting, presentations, accountability etc. Jenny's role as an account manager, social media marketing manager, and accountant along with her recently earned MBA have allowed her to develop an understanding of the business that few others have.

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