Why You Should Use A Multi Step Landing Page

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Brittany Loong

January 11, 2015

How many steps is your conversion process?

As you’ve probably seen a multitude of times, there are A LOT of people out there with forms on their sites and landing pages. Some of those forms are long and some are short. Some are single step, and some are part of a multi step landing page. So why are there so many different ways of doing it?

Today, I want to share some secrets that I’ve found to improve conversion rates when it comes to using online lead generating forms. Specifically, we’ll be talking about why you should use a multi step landing page instead of a single one.

Why Multi-Step Landing Pages?

When it comes to gathering lead information from a visitor, using a first step call to action like “see if your area qualifies” or “check your eligibility” allows you to lead into the crucial contact information with a less-personal approach. Here’s an example:

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 2.09.49 PM

See performance increase by breaking up fields.

People love to feel included, so take advantage with your lead form headlines! You may  have your PPC location settings set to only show ads in “qualified” areas…but your customers don’t know that! Sneaky, I know. Remember that you are dealing with human beings, don’t be afraid to appeal to emotions.

Another approach for step one of a multi-step landing page is to ask informational questions. Why ask informational questions before personal contact information? This allows you to ease your visitors into you conversion process, without them bouncing right away. Which means MORE qualified leads…which means HIGHER conversion rates…and ultimately, more bang for your buck.

So what are some examples of “informational questions”?

Let’s say you are selling a product. Here are some less threatening questions you might ask your audience before asking their name, email, phone etc.

– How much of the product do you need?
– Where are you located?
– When do you need help?

The truth is, you may not really care about this information. BUT there are benefits to asking these questions. They help you understand your customer, and it makes the customer believe they’re getting a more personal quote or info, and not an immediate sales person on the phone. Let your landing page do the work of finding out what they are looking for! By the time you call to follow up on your lead, you know what they want. Making it easier for you and them.

The customer will feel like they are special. Again, play on emotion! Make them feel like you are giving them a deal JUST FOR THEM.

You can have multiple second step pages. You can segment your audience and lead them to the MOST relevant landing page. Having landing pages for specific types of people can make the customer feel special – that you care about THEM and what THEY want specifically. Everyone wants to feel special, right?

This builds trust and can therefore increase your conversion rate!

But what happens if they only fill out the first step?

It’s a good idea to ask at least one item of personal information in the first step. If they dip out after the first step and you have their phone number, but not their name, you still have a way to contact them.

Does having a multi-step landing page make my form too long?

Multi-step pages allow you to space out your form fields. Instead of asking 10 questions at once, you can ask only a few at a time. This can make your form seem a lot less intimidating. A long form can look like too much work to fill out and people might not even start to fill it out.

On the other hand, it is important to make sure your form doesn’t have too many steps. People only have so much time that they are wiling to spend filling out a form. Get the information you need, but don’t overwhelm your visitor.

What is a multi step landing page?

Before we talk about why you should be using multi-step landing pages, let’s make sure everyone understands what they are.

Multi step landing pages can also be called progressive landing pages. Multi step landing pages – it seems pretty self explanatory. They are landing pages that have a multi-step form or multiple pages to reach a conversion or gain a lead. These can be anywhere from 2 steps, 5 steps, 30 steps, you get the picture. Just use your best judgement.  Don’t go overboard with extra steps unless they are necessary and will help visitors convert.

Okay, now it is time to get down to the nitty gritty. Let’s talk about why you should use multi-step landing pages.

Using a multi-step form can dramatically improve the quality of the leads that come from your landing pages. What is better than getting A TON of leads from your landing pages? Getting A TON of QUALIFIED leads. Qualified leads make for a happy sales team and happy you.

You’ll also see that if done right, a multi step landing page can improve conversion rates and ultimately reduce your cost per conversion.

Have you ever used a multi step landing page yourself? What have your results been?

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