Want More Leads for Higher Education? We’re Going to Show You How!


Tim Hemingway

February 25, 2020

Let’s face it. Generating leads for higher education is a difficult task for even the most skilled marketer.

After working with several education-based organizations, including traditional colleges, for-profit universities, trade schools, test prep, and online certifications, we’ve found that they all face the same concerns when it comes to finding new students online.

Here are some of their most common problems:

  • High cost per lead acquisition followed by low conversion rates
  • Very competitive and crowded marketplaces
  • Long buying cycles – several months or more
  • Education is viewed as a want, not a need

In a new webinar series from Disruptive Advertising, Jenny Stamper, Director of Email Marketing and Tim Hemingway, VP of Marketing address the top challenges faced by marketers in the education space, along with how Disruptive’s clients in education have been able to overcome them.

In the first webinar in our series, “Want More Leads for Higher Education? We’re Going to Show You How!”, Jenny and Tim cover the importance of creating accurate buyer personas for your potential students and then creating journey maps around those buyer personas.

Understanding who is interested in your program and why they are interested helps marketers understand how to effectively communicate with their potential students at the right time and in the right way to increase enrollment at a much lower cost.

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