by Stephanie Christensen July 17, 2014

Get that Click Through Rate….Go Get It!

Get in there…go get it!

What if  75% of your ads could have a higher click through rate? Now that probably is unlikely, however let’s go over some tips that can improve your click through rate today!

What is window shopping? Picture you are walking into your local mall and every store front looks exactly the same, just a little black box.

Do you remember when you were in high school and the clothes you saw in the window of your local mall made you think “I want that now!” All those efforts marketers put into getting you into their store to spend those Benjamins!

As online marketers we are are no different, our job is to stand out, be different and yes even a bit “special.”

We spend so much time creating conducting keyword research, gain industry knowledge and writing ads…how do we get them to click on the ad more frequently? So, how do you get that click through rate that brings those benjamins?

1) Use long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are more of a niche market and can represent a higher search volume aggregated against the poplar “kids” keywords on the playground. Since long tail keywords are more of a niche meaning less competition leading to possibly less costly keywords and overall benefits to the account.

2) Rub salt in the wound

Bring the pain point to the user and describe how you can relieve the pain or solve their problem.

Make sure your ad truly corresponds to what your industry or product provides. Use question marks (?) in your headline, make the user picture the problem they are having and bring the inquisitive mind into your ad and hook them with your solution.

You only have a limited number of characters, choose wisely and try not to abbreviate in your ad. Be sure your landing page coincides with the paint point as well.

Put all your research and efforts to use and be sure your landing page or website relates to your ad to assist in preventing the user from feeling mislead or duped…that’s no bueno.

3) That little thing called display URL

Be sure to use a display URL that is relevant and if possible matches the keyword you are bidding on (careful not to violate any trademark terms).

Some eye tracking studies have been conducted to see how much activity/time a user actually spend looking at the display URL, which can affect the click through rate of your ad.

Use a recognizable display URL if possible, this is particularly helpful if a parent company has a more reputable and well known name the brand name is more popular.

Display URL’s can also have a negative effect if you attempt to do “keyword-stuffing.”  It is worth the efforts to conduct a test and see if the conversion metrics also come into play and not just the click through rate.

A study was conducted by User Centric, Inc. and they discovered a display URL obtained over three times more eye traffic then the text description for search results that appears in the top three ad positions above the organic search results.


In conclusion, these are just a three small tips (of many) that can have a positive impact on the click through rate of your PPC ads and hopefully bring in those benjamins!

With a few helpful tools anyone can get the task accomplished 🙂

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Stephanie Christensen

Stephanie is our iron woman, football lovin, awesome teammate. Her passion for digital marketing is only surpassed by her passion for getting great client results (and eating dark chocolate). You can find her at your nearest trampoline park.

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