by Allison Otting February 28, 2017

Reflecting on the Top 10 Posts from Our Archives

Over the last three years, we’ve published nearly 400 blog posts at Disruptive Advertising. We’ve covered the latest trends and our personal insights into marketing, design and business.

Since our first blog post, we’ve hosted articles from dozens of authors, so you see a lot of variety in writing styles and topics.

We’ll be the first to admit that not every article was worth the Pulitzer prize, but there have been quite a few that have stuck around. We thought we should compile our 10 most visited posts, and think about why they did so well. It might even give you some ideas of what posts could do well for your business.

#10 – 9 PPC Advertising Tactics to Try in 2016

Jake, our fearless CEO, put together this list at the beginning of 2016. We’ve found that these strategies stand the test of time. If you’re looking into doing some PPC campaign management of your own, we recommend that you give this a look!

This obviously leads to the question: Jake, do you have any updates for PPC Advertising in 2017?

#9 – Learn AdWords GSP & How to Create Gmail Sponsored Promotions

I’m not too surprised that this one is in the top ten, as our “how-to” articles tend to perform fairly well.

Not only is this one pretty comprehensive in getting you started, it also went up right around when the product launched to the public. I guess the early bird does get the worm.

#8 – Introducing the Adobe DTM Debugger

We’re lucky to have an analytics wizard on board at Disruptive. Adam hasn’t written a lot of posts for us, but when he does it’s because no one else here could write it with as much technical expertise as him.

This post references a tool that he created for his own use, but then decided that the rest of the world could use it too! We believe this post did so well because it was offering something unique, and really appealed to a niche but enthusiastic crowd.

#7 – Why You Shouldn’t Use Dynamic Landing Pages For PPC

Looking for a tutorial on how to do DKI on your Unbounce page, with some strategy to boot? Andrew Warren can hook you up in this post. We’ve seen DKI work well for our clients, so this content still holds true today.

We’d like to think that this post didn’t just get clicks because of the title, but people really do love to click on something that is contrary to popular belief.

#6 – An AdWords Expert’s Guide to Eel Fishing

If you don’t know how to fish for eels, or how to run your AdWords, then I’ve got double the good news for you.

We find that people tend to understand things easier when they’re posed as an analogy, and this post confirms it. You’re taken through the whole AdWords marketing funnel process, all while talking about eel fishing. Sometimes you just have to frame something a different way.

# 5 – Standard vs. Accelerated Ad Delivery in AdWords

Jenny, one of our blogging superstars, is really great at one particular thing: answering questions. Sometimes you’re not looking to be entertained. You just want a simple answer to your question.

Since Google’s own documentation isn’t always great at this, Jenny put together this clear and short post to tell you the exact strategy that our professional strategists use every day.

#4 – Facebook’s New Targeting Expansion Option – Should You Try It?

Just like our post on Gmail Sponsored Promotions, this post forays a little bit into the unknown. Very few of us want to try something without prior knowledge of what it’s going to do, so Kevin’s post filled a little gap in the internet.

You’ll be happy to know that Kevin’s recommendation of using this new targeting option still stands today. He has found a lot of success with it, and applies it to all of his clients.

#3 – 5 Easy Unbounce Codes to Upgrade Your Landing Page

The design team has slowly built a knowledge base of how to make Unbounce pages as cool as they can possibly be. While a lot of the scripts we use became part of our daily lives, we thought that others might find them useful too. This post gave users a really easy steps to implementing new functions and a little pizazz on their own landing pages.

Unbounce has since incorporated lightboxes directly into their tool, but all the other scripts are still used by our team every day!

#2 – Facebook vs AdWords: What’s Right for Your Business?

A lot of businesses have very limited digital advertising budgets, and a lot more to lose if an experiment fails. Posts like this give a good explanation of the pros and cons of each medium, as well as an estimation of where a businesses’ budget might best be spent.

It helps when you can provide content written by someone with authority and experience to back it up. As our paid social product owner, Saunder has a lot to share when it comes to Facebook in particular.

#1 – Top 10 AdWords Banner Sizes You Need To Know Right Now

It’s easy to keep best practices and strategies in your brain, but sometimes you just need help remembering the tiny technical details.

This post doesn’t introduce any revolutionary ideas. All it does is take information that every advertiser needs, and makes it easier to read and understand. Whether you’re just starting out building display ads, or you’re trying to remember what dimensions your ads should be, it has you covered.

We’re pretty sure that this post will continue to stand the test of time. It’s the oldest post on this list, and still relevant as a resource for all things image ads.

Have any other insights into why any of these posts shined above the rest? Let us know below!

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Allison Otting

Allison Otting

Allison was our very first designer, and is our most tenured employee aside from our CEO. She loves improving customers' pages with quality, educated design, as well as building loads of beautiful image ads. She also heads all the design projects for Disruptive's own marketing.\n\nOutside of work hours, you can assume she’s updating her dog's Instagram, watching reality TV with her partner, or streaming her latest video game obsession.

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